Love Locks at Pier C Park

Next concern? Love Locks at Pier C Park in Hoboken

Any of you who aren’t completely oblivious (tapping away on your “smart” phone), will have noticed the recent addition of some padlocks (“love locks”) on the fence over at Pier C Park along the Hudson River Waterfront.

Apparently, this is a “copycat” version of the phenomenon in Paris – at the Pont des Arts bridge (and others). The whole superstition is, that if a couple “locks” the padlock to the fence (along with their names, and other cute scribblings), that their love will last forever.

But this is supposedly causing some concern. Because now the “officials” in Paris have (sort of) decided to leave the locks alone – but some say the weight may lead to structural problems to the bridge.

True or not – our luck in Hoboken would be that if just 3 more locks were added to Pier C Park it would sink. So “lock your love in” at your own risk.

love locks pier c park Hoboken NJ - Love Locks at Pier C Park

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Monday, April 14, 2014 3:36 pm

Perhaps this moronic “tradition” is best solved by a couple of enterprising scrappers and bolt-cutters.

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