Hoboken Week in Review – 1/27/2008


Week number four wrapped up!

Welcome once again to the 100’s of new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review. A great weekend to catch up on errands, sleep or even Hoboken411!

As always, below you can see the Top 10 updated or newly published articles this week that had the most overall action. Plus, a few other noteworthy posts and some upcoming events in the next week.

hoboken411 week in review top 10 eli manning - Hoboken Week in Review - 1/27/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Fundraisers are popular when a bar burns down
    I’m very happy that there are loads of fundraisers for the McSwiggan’s fire victims, but how come other fires don’t have as many? There ought to be a law.
  2. Car wreck with multiple fatalites
    More news on the viaduct crash that injured many.
  3. Tall Building!
    The W Hotel gets a photo update. How often do you think you’ll even go there?
  4. Cheesburgers will have to wait
    The much anticipated City Diner remains unopened. Rumors about a sale float around.
  5. Lonely dog success story
    The unwanted dog named Hampton finally finds a crib he can call home.
  6. Scared of the Dark
    A reader complains about how his neighbors lights are brighter than a typical rock concert.
  7. PATH trains pimped out
    Mind-numbing video screens are one of the “upgrades” planned for the new PATH cars this year.
  8. Awww, how cute!
    The first ever Hoboken411 “cutest dog contest” wraps up tonight at MIDNIGHT. Send you picture in if you want a chance to win!
    One week from today, the biggest sporting event in a LONG time will take place!
  10. C’mon, be nice!
    Some orphaned kids needs good homes. I try to promote them here. Some people say stuff about it.

Other notable items of interest

  • A flaming…
    Fire from 2006 gets dusted off.
  • Deck of Savings
    The New Hudson Deck for 2008 is released. Save money at dozens of area restaurants!
  • Nickel and diming
    Hoboken411’s lack of hobbies makes him resort to counting coins.

Coming this week

  • Click Here!
    Too many to list this week.. Just check the event calendar on the left to see what’s coming up!

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