The Story of Yo La Tengo


Here’s a little “slow Saturday” video for you to watch.

Ira Kaplan, of Hoboken’s most well-known band Yo La Tengo interviews Ed Kranepool about the band’s name.

If you actually lived in Hoboken (like 411 does), you’ll surely know that most of the video’s intro was NOT filmed in Hoboken (other than a brief Pier A part towards the end). Yo La Tengo said that it was filmed at a ball field at East River Park in Manhattan (since when did Hoboken have bridges like that?)

Enjoy your Saturday. Get out a bit! Stock up on snacks and supplies for next weeks big Super Bowl game!

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Tama Murden

Re 7.: Reread the thread, maybe?
I don’t know who Ed Kranepool is. Either.
(No way I’m not a skateparkmom.) That wasn’t my post.

But since you’ve asked…..& seemed to not get my drift, I’ll try to keep it simple. And surely pedantic.

Artistically creative endeavors, especially in this esp. expensive part of the world, can be stymied significantly by the big old necessary bore of having to work to live. Before any creative time.

It is my understanding, one or more of the members of YLT
come[s] from significant inherited wealth (& yes, Zeckendorf Towers).

His/hers/theirs good fortune.

B/c YLT is very talented. Great for them. They’re not dilettantes (sp.?). But definitely are reportedly over-privileged by birth.

E.g., not the same struggle to get on the creative radar screen. YLT’s surely worthy to be there for their talents, but privileged to perhaps not struggle w/the “money issue,” the way other musicians have to. It can create an edge.

Which often leaves very talented folks giving up & going away, from the war of atrician/survival. In all media.

And this thread is entitled “The Story of Yo La Tengo.”
So there are stories behind what came before/in the midst of the wonderful music you hear from them.

(Check out YLT’s great film score.)


What does Ed Kranepool have to do with you calling them trust fund babies?

And what’s this all about? — “But IMHO, YLT is also a poster chid of over-privilege. “Don’t hate me b/c I’m rich.” Before becoming famous.”

Its you I can’t relate to.

Tama Murden

Ah, 5.: Did you happen to read the thread’s title?

Stating the obvious, creative production has lots of context, behind the output. (Like paying for studio time, rent, food, etc.)

Perhaps you’re not involved in anything creative, so you can’t relate….

Or perhaps that’s why your tag starts w/”slow…”?


??? WTF are you rambling about, nutzo?

And there’s an early favorite for dumbest post of 2008.

Tama Murden

Nice video.
Thanks, 411.

Glad they’re here.
Love their music.
Esp. the branching out to film scores.

Meow, but which one of them has the father who was involved in building Zeckendorf Towers?

So perhaps not dipping into principal affords lots of opportunities for creative exploration?
And prior-to-fame, maybe some nice Hoboken real estate?

Great that their good fortune has been creatively well-used, for their own success.

But IMHO, YLT is also a poster chid of over-privilege. “Don’t hate me b/c I’m rich.” Before becoming famous.

Luck of the draw.

Doesn’t a big trust fund stave off the heinous day jobs that suck the creativity out of so many souls?

Yes, some obvious envy.

And I love YLT.