HPU Pot & Guns – yeah, so?

“Pot & Guns” Story in Hoboken – don’t forget the real crime

OK, so some story came out today that an employee of the HPU (Hoboken Pickpocketing Underworld) was arrested – and charged with having marijuana (pot) plants and guns in his Church Towers apartment.

“Pot” is a victimless crime, and “guns” are a 2nd amendment right. Ok, so? Why is this story a big deal?

One, it will distract 99% of the dopes out there into forgetting about the multi-million dollar Hoboken racket – The HPU!

Having plants in your apartment, as well as a way to protect yourself doesn’t seem like a “crime” to me, more than it is a “money making operation” for “the powers that be.”

Think about this the next time you’re pick-pocketed for the shoddy street cleaning shamwho the real criminals are. At least this guy who was “busted” had a free-market entrepreneurial spirit. Sheesh.

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Meanwhile as cops were carting this poor sap to the slammer, rims were getting stolen like lollipops from a candy store.