Winter needs a home!


And no, I don’t mean the snowy season (although I’d more than welcome a nice blizzard!)

Today’s pet up for adoption comes from a reader who works with Hot Water Rescue, who take dogs from kill shelters in the NYC area and saves them. She helps by fostering dogs until they find permanent homes.

“My name is Winter. I am an 18 month old female American Bull Dog. I am a big doggie almost 70 pounds. I can’t spell so good so my foster mom said she would write this letter for me. I was rescued from a shelter and have been in kennels and foster care for the past year. I desperately need a home! I am a good dog—housebroken, know how to sit, give paw, and lay down, I walk nice on a leash, crate trained (although I do prefer to sleep in the bed!), and I like to take car rides. I am pretty mellow–like to take walks but also like my naps. I get excited to see my foster parents and bring my bone as a present to greet them at the door although they never want it! I have a stepbrother but I really should be the only dog in the home–I can’t help it but I get jealous of other dogs and am very protective of my home. I like lots of people attention so being the only doggie in the house means more loving for me!


So if you are looking for a really great, loyal, companion who just wants to be loved and love you back, call me at 201-988-4107 and set up a time to meet. Also, you can go to where my profile is and find out how to adopt me or one of my friends who are all waiting patiently to find a forever family—or even a foster family.

Peace Out—Winter”




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Just throwing this out there, but she doesn’t appear to be an American Bull Dog. She looks like a pit, most likely a mix backyard bred (as mine is – they could be twins).

The giveaway is the pink skin under white fur, heartshaped nose, muscular face – all pit trademarks…maybe with a little Argentine Dogo thrown in.