Bar Crawl for McSwiggan’s fire victims

1/26/2008 Correction:

Date changed to Feb 9th.


A reader had commented that there will be a bar crawl tomorrow to help support the victims of the McSwiggan’s fire earlier in the month.

I’m sure some of you might be thinking “enough already with these events,” but I say as long as these bars are willing to contribute for a good cause, by all means.

Here’s the comment that got stuck in moderation, so I decided to make a post out of it instead. You might want to confirm this is really happening. If you go, enjoy yourselves!

hoboken mardi gras bar crawl mcswiggans fire victioms - Bar Crawl for McSwiggan's fire victims

“Mardi Gras Pub Crawl this Saturday! We are raising money to help one of our fellow crawlers who lost everything in the McSwiggan’s Building fire.

Come meet us at the Shannon at 3:00.

$10 will get you a bracelet and $2 domestics at each bar.

Raffles for gift certificates to the bars.

Let us know so that the bars can be properly staffed!


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Biffy B For Mayor

Im going to hold a bar crawl to raise money for my engagement ring fund. In return, all who donate will be invited to one of the many parties that will be held to celebrate this occasion.

$20 – (brids)engagement party
$40 – (grooms) engagement party
$100 – bachelor party
$500 – wedding
$5000 – honeymoon

my best friends call me CASH and the follow bars will be included.

12pm – O’Neials
2pm – Far Side
4pm – S. Sullivans
6pm – Gold Hawk
8pm – Willi McBrides

those interested can email me @


You think this cause has been played out, but that’s because you haven’t been affected by it. This event is DIRECTLY helping a victim who in fact has not been helped out as much as you think it has.

I have been to several of these what you like to call “fundraisers” and know for a fact, that A LOT of money has been raised for several thankful charities. If you aren’t interested in going, DON’T. But trying to bash something that is trying to help somebody get their life back together is a really great thing. Go to a different bar that day.



The event was changed to FEB 9.

All are welcome. I organized it. I organize crawls a few times a year.

I did not market this event as a “fundraiser”; however, I do appreciate the site’s owner for pointing out that we will be helping out a friend. One of the girls that crawls with us was unfortunately affected by the fire and is having a hard time getting back on her feet. This is why we are asking for $10 a person.

Have a great weekend.


A fundraiser fundraiser. I’m in!


[quote comment=”64323″]texas arizona is a southern as bahama mama’s is caribbean. and they serve tap beer in plastic glasses. plastic bar glasses! that whole block is a mess. the owners can afford to improve their image a little.[/quote]

Huh? Went to see a band there last weekend and the pint glasses were actually glass.

I do have to say though, that bar is an appendage of the train station.