Good Night, States at Goldhawk

1/31/2008 Reminder:

Tonight, at the GoldHawk.


I personally have never heard of this band until yesterday, but many of you may have.

Good Night, States is playing at the Goldhawk next Thursday, January 31st at 8pm.

Take a listen to their latest album “Short Films on Self Control” below to see if this act may interest you! I checked out a few songs, and I enjoy their sound! What are your thoughts?

“Analog indie rock band Good Night, States hits the road at the end of January to offer a sneak peek at songs from their upcoming album, Short Films on Self-Control.

The music of Good Night, States is solidly grounded in thoughtful songwriting and supported by rock and roll’s staples—guitars, bass, drums—while beautifully shaped by lush vocal harmonies, analog synthesizers, vintage keyboards, and a few surprise instruments. The five band members, who live in both Pittsburgh and North Jersey, have infused love and longing into a heart-stirring new album Short Films on Self-Control.”


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Listen to all the Good Night, States tracks here!

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Shoulda been there last night… 😉

Hoboken chick
Hoboken chick

Who knows if they’re good. All I can say is the guy on the left is CUTE!!! 😛