City Offender Zone 1/25/2008


campos car august 2007 a - City Offender Zone 1/25/2008I’m not sure what to say about this letter sent to Hoboken411.

For starters, it’s focused on former drunk councilman Chris Campos, and what is supposedly his new car. I recall his car being a sedan, and would hardly think this station wagon with storage bay on top would belong to a single man. Doesn’t seem right.

With that being said though, the car that was illegally parked (two instances) DID have a city placard in the window, thus it qualifies for entry in today’s “City Offender Zone.”

Here’s what the (VERY IRATE) reader had to say. He “yelled” a lot:

“Maybe you can answer this for me or one of your readers because I can’t seem to get any answers.

How is it that Chris Campos continues to perpertrate a fraud on the public by casting himself off as a current Hoboken public official? Why is it that Campos still has his City of Hoboken issued parking decal badge for City Council members on the dash board of his mercedes as if to pass off he is a Hoboken city elected official?

hoboken city offender zone jan 25 2008 - City Offender Zone 1/25/2008

Yesterday at approximately noon his car was double parked in front of a bus stop with his flashers going for over an hour with the city’s issued parking decal badge. Today, we was parked over the line at a handicapped spot with the parking meter LONG EXPIRED and yet he did not get a single parking ticket. Is he immune from parking tickets while the rest of us continue to get hit with parking tickets just because of his parking decal in his dashboard? And why does he still have a parking decal when he is NO LONGER a public official?

hoboken city offender zone jan 25 2008 2 - City Offender Zone 1/25/2008

How is it that he’s able to get away with using City of Hoboken credentials to pass himself off as a public official and why isn’t his car ticketed for being parked at an expired parking meter. Does his arrogance ever end? Why hasn’t the city demanded he give back his parking decal? Can anyone answer the question? I have attached pictures to prove he was parked at an expired meter and over the handicapped line with the CITY OF HOBOKEN parking decal in his dash board. How does he get away with these abuses while the rest of us can’t even park without getting slammed with parking tickets??”

A Concerned Hoboken Taxpayer

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[quote comment=”64264″][quote comment=”64169″]Maybe you should run!! :P[/quote] You can be my campaign manager. [quote comment=”64237″]”former drunk councilman Chris Campos” Does that mean he’s not drunk anymore?[/quote] He’s Puerto Rican, he’s ALWAYS drunk. :twisted:[/quote] ❗ OK well where do I start… A. Being Puerto Rican does NOT mean you are always drunk… B. I believe the only drunks in Hoboken are you YUPPIES who go out drinking on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights drinking mommy and daddys money away at Bahama Mamas (classy) Madison Bar and Grill, The Shannon Lounge, and what not. C. For all you people that hate PR’s or enjoy talking down to us on a blog you are a cowards and are full of ignorance. It is the year 2008 and we still live in a world where racism is full blown. I cant believe Hoboken Houses people like you who probably were not born and raised here like most of the Puerto Ricans you hate. D. You probably had a bad experience with one Puerto Rican or maybe a few but to classify all Puerto Ricans as DRUNKS is ignorant…And your the only people that have weekend drinking binges… Speaking of being drunks… I rarely if ever see a PR girl out in winter with a tank top and skirt like you slutty yuppies and get taken home by a frat yuppy only to fuck and not remember your name and talk about it at the gym with his boys the next day… and what do… Read more »


[quote comment=”64406″]As of 7:40pm, this car is now illegally parked (blocking the crosswalk) at the corner of 11th and Park.[/quote]

I just heard on the scanner a car was blocking a crosswalk on 11th and was going to be towed. Not sure if it was on Park.

Tama Murden

Well, the only judge who lives in that vicinity, I believe, is Kimberly Glatt.

And I believe her husband is a connected attorney, w/a different surname (that escapes me). I seem to recall—& could be wrong—he represented Rene Abreu.


As of 7:40pm, this car is now illegally parked (blocking the crosswalk) at the corner of 11th and Park.


Someone said in passing that the car looks like it might belong to a judge. Any truth to that? I don’t know.