Street Sweeper Saga

Always something in Hoboken: Street Sweeper Saga

Street sweeping in Hoboken has always been a source of conversation. Whether it’s the ridiculous rackets that some residents run, or the selective enforcement during winter weather – it’s never done perfectly. In addition, some might wonder “what good” street sweeping actually does – other than provide city hall with MILLIONS OF EXTRA DOLLARS PER YEAR for their own amusement (via exorbitant fees for not moving your car on designated days). Then you have this latest street sweeping saga – dual sweepers! But why? How?

Street Sweeper Saga in Hoboken NJ

Hudson County “helps out” Hoboken street sweepers

On the surface, this doesn’t appear too bad, does it? The “cleaner,” the better right?

Apparently – after residents uptown complained about the Hoboken Gas Works remediation that PSE&G is working on – the only people to “take action” (not Hoboken City Hall), were the Hudson County Freeholders. They “saved the day” by adding what was supposed to be a high-tech environmental sweeper to help improve the overall quality of life there, as well as elsewhere around the city.

But some sources we spoke with said this isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…

What we heard was that for the $9,000 a week the city is being billed for two extra sweepers is a bit of a smoke & mirrors operation. These sweepers are supposedly not as “environmentally sound” as one would believe, and that they’re 15 year-old Elgin “Road Wizards” that have shoddy water systems – and don’t quite work as well as they should.

In other words, one should ask are they really cleaning or just giving you the perception that they’re cleaning? The machines may seem clean and new, but a fresh paint job on anything can spruce it up, right?

And don’t try too hard to find out who actually runs these things, as the company has changed names and shuffled locations over the past couple years. Hmmm.

Another day in the neighborhood! Maybe if residents cleaned in front of their own homes, we could eliminate the “alternate side” parking HELL and the sweepers altogether? Imagine that?

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Maybe if the City Admin managed the outsourced garbage pickup, who dump much of the garbage in the street as they empty cans, then the streets would be cleaner. Believe me residents did not account for the mess that was in the streets for months.

Also alot of mess comes from lack of public itch-in type cans that were removed in 2007-2008. Also, I don’t know why but garbage is placed on the curb with out can with lids which also serves to distribute the garbage along the curb at it is open to breakage sitting for six hours or so.