Worst NJ Poll ever {How Jersey Are You?}

NJ Poll – rating “How Jersey Are You” pointless

This total “time waster” of a site called Buzzfeed – recently published a stupid poll about NJ entitled “How Jersey Are You?” with a retro photo of Bruce Springsteen and 100 “statements” about New Jersey, in which you tick off the ones that “apply to you.”

how jersey are you poll bruce springsteen Hoboken NJ

See the list below (Hoboken “represents” 5% of all questions in bold despite being only 1/2 of one percent of state population, and one one-hundredth of a percent of the land area), and understand how pointless it is to try and create a “scientifically accurate” poll and ranking system about a very diverse state, with “only” 100 mainly stereotypical questions. Many parts of the state were barely mentioned (if at all), and seems to be a list targeted at people under 30 years of age, a strong desire for booze, and from the northeastern part of the state.

But they succeeded in getting people to take the poll, who then got “infuriated” about how lame the poll was. “Mission accomplished.” See after the list how we think the poll REALLY should have been conducted.

Stupid “How Jersey Are You?” Poll questions

Click everything that applies to you…
[poll id=”206″]

You’re really a true “Jersey-ite” when…

My (better) version of a “Jersey Poll” would have been: “You’re truly from (and know) New Jersey (and have your head screwed on straight)” when most of the following statements apply to you:

  1. You know that, like any other “state” – there are beautiful places, and disgusting places. New Jersey happens to have great places to go during all four seasons.
  2. You could care less about “regional stereotypes,” because every section of the country has them. These just happen to be yours (for now).
  3. There is no complaining about traffic because you know enough alternate routes to avoid it.
  4. You know there is corruption in all levels of government, countrywide. You know NJ is among the worst. You’ve at least entertained the idea of “finding greener pastures” elsewhere.
  5. You don’t waste time “defending” where you live with those who try and bash it.

In the end – it’s up to you to make the best of where you live, or change it. Picking one spot and “talking” about it doesn’t really do much other than waste time. But then again, what are you going to do with your time otherwise? Something productive? Nah.

(I guess I didn’t help…)

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Angry Bird
Angry Bird

Wait a minute– Bruce voted twice?