Clubhouse Barbershop & Shave Parlor


Clubhouse Barbershop progressing in Hoboken

Clubhouse Barbershop Hoboken NJ updateWhile the folks at Clubhouse Barbershop continue work on the interior – they’ve already procured and installed their awning! Pretty amazing, actually, because usually some kind of zoning, permit or historical issue at city hall stalls progress on things like this in Hoboken. Wonder what the reason for the positive anomaly is?

We also found out that this is their 2nd location (they’ve had one open in Clark, NJ for the past seven years).

And the tag line on the awning reads: “CUT. SHAVE. SHOP.”

SHOP? Who does that when they get a haircut? All I’m spending money on at the barber is for services rendered. I guess that’s the new thing these days to sell other “trendy, must-have” items at multiples of what they paid for them. Because you know, shavers, cream and hair gel are hard to find at regular stores…

Either way – they’ll be ready to “cultivate” your personality this summer.

Clubhouse Barbershop Hoboken NJ

Description: New barbershop. Wants to “feel” old. Caters to “digitally” social? Coming Summer 2014.
Address: 605 Adams St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (732)814-7940

Clubhouse Barbershop & Shave Parlor – Hoboken, NJ


Clubhouse Barbershop Hoboken NJWhat does this phrase to you tell you about Hoboken: “Barbershop, shave parlor, social club. Where gentleman can get groomed the old fashioned way.”

That is one of the tag lines of the new Clubhouse Barbershop & Shave Parlor coming to 605 Adams Street this summer. This was formerly home of Silletti Brothers Produce way back in the day.

There are already two other “old fashioned” long-time barbershops in existence in the very same neighborhood. So in essence, what that is telling people we’ve spoken with – is “get an old-fashioned haircut and shave from a brand new place who brainwashes you via social media, mocking you because there were two traditional barbershops nearby that you knew nothing of because you were heads-down deep in your smart phone… so please come here you hipster marketing suckers!”

Anyway – here’s more: “The concept behind the Clubhouse Barbershop & Shave Parlor extends beyond a barbershop’s traditional services to encompass all aspects of the modern gentleman’s lifestyle, including fashion, music, & social networking. The goal is to create an identity that will cultivate personalities; a brand and place where creative minds come to be inspired and to inspire others. Please allow the Clubhouse Barbers to welcome you to the impeccable services and fashionable atmosphere of The Clubhouse Barbershop & Shave Parlor.”

Whoa! Sign me up! I need to change barbers so I can get a “personality!”

Clubhouse Barbershop old silletti Brothers

New Hoboken barbershop wants to be “old”

In reality – Clubhouse Barbershop is probably catering to those who prefer “Faux(LD) Fashioned” over genuine “Old Fashioned.”

Regardless, we hope there’s enough revenue in town to keep all barbershops (old and new) happy. But we think that two that may take a slight hit are V’s Barbershop and Roosters up on Washington. Because “people be lazy these days,” and have issues walking more than four blocks.

Clubhouse Barbershop Hoboken NJ Marketing

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