Hobotown – 1/25/2008

1/25/2008 By T.G. Heins:

An update to last week’s story…


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Excellent. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good old-fashioned dodgeball-related fatality.


Somehow, I don’t thing T.G. Heins cares what people here say. That’s what’s entertaining. We make our comments, say ‘do this’, ‘do that’ all the while not realizing that T.G. is just taunting our fish bowl existence. We see whatever T.G. decides to tape to the glass.

‘Tap – Tap, come over here little fishies’. ‘Look at this, now look at that.’ ‘OK, I’ve grown tired of you, swim back under your coral castle.’

We have no control beyond scavenging the multicolored pebbles below our fins.


I think this episode has something for everyone!
The guys get off on the pictures and the girls get off on the fact that Sergio is regreting his loss! He’s actually feeling REMORSE!
To quote Dinah Washington, “You don’t miss your water ’til your well run dry!”

Admit it, folks, we’re all dying to know…What’s going to happen next?!!!
(TGH, you must have KNOWN this one was going to get you in trouble!)


[quote comment=”64197″]
My vote is for TG to provide the drawings and for the peanut gallery to provide the caption.[/quote]

Hmm, now THIS would be fun… Provide some suggestive pictures and let the readers fill in the comments…
Lord knows the images Sergio was seeing, I’m sure we could come up with a few good ones for those…
I’m a particular fan of Kelly in the black ensemble, on all fours with her head turned slightly to the side… hehe…


[quote comment=”64214″]I prefer the “Next Day” narrative…

Mike: “It’s a more like a burning sensation”
Pharmacist: “Ah…OK. You’re going to need to see a doctor about that.”[/quote]