“Emergency Vehicles” in Hoboken

Geek alert: various “emergency vehicles” in Hoboken

Hoboken Emergency Vehicles - "Emergency Vehicles" in HobokenArea resident Marty Cass loves snapping short videos of “emergency vehicles.” While he primarily digs the top-notch FDNY and NYPD apparatuses – he’s been known to get a taste of “Rescue911” type rides in Hoboken too!

In the video compilation below, we have:

  1. A wacky “mini-ambu-cart” that the Hoboken Volunteer EMS recently acquired;
  2. As well as brand new Ford Explorer SUV (Guess the donations were put to good use!) {starts around 1 minute mark}
  3. And the most interesting clip of them all. You remember the lame “Hoboken Huddle” that was put together for the Super Bowl a while ago? Well – there was a small army of “emergency” vehicles from Westfield, New Jersey here. You ever wonder why? How the dots connect? {starts at the 1 min 10 sec mark}

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