Blackberry Z30 – A perfect phone?

Blackberry Z30 reviewed – A winner

Last year, we briefly checked out the Blackberry Z10 smart phone. We concluded it was a well-made device. About the only caveat it had was that it wouldn’t satisfy the “app whores” of the mobile world. However, all bets are off now – and there are pretty much no substantial reasons why you shouldn’t own a Blackberry phone.

We picked up the new flagship Blackberry Z30 recently – and give it soaring marks across the board. Why? Find out below.

Blackberry Z30 Review

Everything works on a Blackberry Z30 (almost)

The Blackberry Z30 is positioned in the larger phone categories – with a screen size of 5″. Not the highest resolution, nor the “best,” but for all intents and purposes, perfectly sufficient and easy on the eyes.

Using the Z30 is a dream. “Gestures” to unlock, transition between applications, and access settings. The “flow” is almost 2nd nature.

Typing on the touch-screen keyboard is the best I’ve used. Next to zero typing errors and predictive text that makes completing messages faster than any other device or platform. The thing I dreaded most about my iPhone 5 was using the keyboard. Frustrating and almost inhumane to operate.

One of the best features is the “Blackberry Hub.” The hub is a SINGLE place for all your emails, text messages, updates, alerts AND phone calls! Imagine that? A central inbox for all your messages? So simple. Yet, if you need to single a particular group of messages out, that can be done in a swipe.

Android Apps on Blackberry OS 10.2.1

Blackberry runs android appsWhat made the Blackberry “unappealing” to most average users in the past, was the lack of “mainstream” apps. Disregarding the time-wasting stuff like social media and games – it was still discouraging not having access to “useful” apps like banking or shopping.

Since the release of Operating System 10.2.1, the Blackberry can now essentially run almost all the apps available in the Android world. You simply download a program called “Snap” (or use Amazon Appstore), and take your pick! Just a handful of programs don’t work – and you can either live easily without them, or find suitable alternatives.

My favorite at the moment is Waze – a GPS program that we use not for directions (we know our way around these parts) – but to tell us about road conditions ahead (traffic, cops, potholes, etc.) Pretty amazing!

But in the end, apps are not what makes this phone. What makes it a winner is the ease of use, incredible battery life (can easily go over a day without the need to charge), great sound, reception and build quality.

With an open mind – you will not regret switching to Blackberry

Finally – if anyone thinks their lives “depend” on their mobile phone, well – they have their priorities all screwed up. The phone should be viewed merely as a minor accessory in your life.

But there are many reasons to consider switching. One, to get away from Apple and their proprietary cables, and questionable privacy practices should be a strong enough reason. Same with the android world. How secure are your phones? The Blackberry platform is considered the strongest of the bunch.

And even with whatever “shortcomings” you can try to come up with to defend your reasons to stick with Apple or Google – the intuitiveness of the Blackberry Z30 will quickly make you forget about why you “loved” your other stupid device. When something “makes sense” in the way it works, it trumps practically everything else you can think of.

Long live Blackberry!

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Monday, April 28, 2014 6:58 pm

Let’s face it. No phone is perfect for everyone. However, perception is everything, and the media (both at RIM and external) did an abysmal (read: non-existent) promotion of this fantastic phone. BB10 is an amazing OS, it’s fluid, fast, and as far as “apps” go (I put that in quotes because it’s a buzz word), more and more of your favorite ones are appearing. In addition, with the release of OS 10.2.1, you can now add Android apps without having to sideload them. The hardware on the Z30, and in particular the speakers and call quality are second to none. If only BB had made an effort to promote this phone….

Saturday, April 26, 2014 8:52 am

I discovered the Waze app a couple months ago and I think it’s pretty cool. The first time I used it I was heading down jersey ave approaching 18th street. That awkward electronic female voice came on and said “watch out red light camera reported ahead.”

I laughed but knew I’d found something useful.

Friday, April 25, 2014 12:48 pm

Thanks for spreading the word. The media and cell companies are being strong armed by google and apple to basically kill off blackberries. And it has had a strong effect on the users. Everyone I try to convince that the BB is a superior platform are dumbfounded. No way you’ll pry their phones from their hands. They won’t even consider it partially because of the hoops you have to go through to switch devices. We need to show the value blackberry has to keep them in business. Otherwise we’re stuck with the choice of two evils.

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