Antique Reflections – For Rent

Antique Reflections gone in Hoboken

Well, another one bites the dust in town. Despite all the “oohs” and “ahhs,” you can’t sugar coat reality. When will people realize you need “ying” to balance “yang” (not everything is cotton candy and rainbows – as you might be led to believe if you’re stuck in the “mainstream.”) A little less than a year after opening, Antique Reflections has “hit the road” less than a year after opening.

This teeny-tiny retail spot at 252 First Street is once again up for rent. Whatever the asking price is, it’s probably 2x to 3x more than it’s worth.

When I said “hit the road,” I meant it – as they were recently seen last month in Miami, FL at the “World’s Largest Antique Show” in Miami Beach.

Antique Reflections Hoboken NJ 252 First Street For Rent - Antique Reflections - For Rent

Antique Reflections “pop up” store – 252 First St., Hoboken, NJ


A new jewelry shop called Antique Reflections has made it’s way to Hoboken – over at 252 First Street (former home of Empire Auto Leasing which moved a block east to 1st & Park).

From what we understand – this may just be a temporary “pop up” store, as they’ve apparently only signed a six-month lease (some confidence in your business that is!)

Regardless – people we’ve spoken with indicate this store wouldn’t last long anyway, because it’s “too pricey” for what you get. Can’t blame them for trying, though.

Antique Reflections Hoboken NJ 252 First Street - Antique Reflections - For Rent

Description: Antique Reflects, Expensive trinkets (some call it “jewelry.”)
Address: 252 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

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I’ve been a long time customer of Antique Reflections. All of the statements written about this business are untrue. This is not a “pop-up” store, much money and effort have been put in to the opening of this store. They have beautiful, one of a kind jewelry at very reasonable and affordable prices. They obviously have a lot of confidence in their business because they have been in business for over twenty years. People have to be careful about the un-truths they write about businesses because they will lose their credibility about all the lies they print about people.


First call: July 4th.