Prime on Garden

Prime on Garden expanding convenience empire in Hoboken

We called this one a few months ago! The Prime Convenience store “empire” is really taking hold furiously in Hoboken. With their 14th St. Store under construction, plus this one (“Prime on Garden”) opening soon at 1st & Garden – they’re up to what, SEVEN in Hoboken now?

I suppose when 7-Eleven eventually bites the dust – perhaps they’ll take that space too. And the way they mark stuff up and actually have customers willing to pay those inflated prices – they most definitely have struck gold here in the mile square “mine shaft.”

Prime on Garden Hoboken NJ convenience store

Description: Ultra-intelligent convenience store owners expanding at break-neck pace.
Address: 1st & Garden Streets, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Does Hoboken need another convenience store?

3/31/2014 Update:

Another convenience store coming to Hoboken NJThis corner retail spot at 1st & Garden used to be the home of Gotham Realty – who has since moved a block west to the corner of 1st & Park. What will it be next?

Not 100% sure, but the construction permit seems to suggest that it will be some kind of convenience store (with “no cooking” – God forbid people prepare food to help them survive…)

I mean, does Hoboken need another convenience store (who knows – it may be another one of those “Prime” stores – considering they’re expanding their empire – including one coming soon to 14th Street).

Certainly, one of the “benefits” of city living are these so-called “convenience” stores – but how many would a city like Hoboken need? One on every block? Three per block?

Regardless of whether Hoboken “needs” another store like that – they seem to do great one way or another. They don’t even need Facebook to survive.

Another convenience store in Hoboken NJ 1st and Garden

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