Hoboken Fashion Night 2014

Hoboken Fashion Night 2014 at W Hotel

Hoboken Fashion Night 2014 - Hoboken Fashion Night 2014Most of you know about the annual Hoboken Italian Festival (down along the waterfront). But did you know that the Society Madonna Dei Martiri (4th & Adams) is a significant philanthropic entity? Each year they have a scholarship fund that has aided many high school seniors (Hoboken and beyond).

In Hoboken since the 1930’s, they’ve managed to survive, even despite some really bad years in the 80’s and 90’s. But according to Society President John Sciancalepore, they’ve experienced a remarkable resurgence in the past 15 years. Now, according to Sciancalepore, the actual festival is “bigger than ever,” and even exceeds the same festival in Italy each year!

But not many people know about their community involvement. The biggest, being the DePinto Family Scholarship Fund. It was originally created to help a Hoboken High School student (of Italian Heritage) attend a quality four year university. And over the past decade – they’ve paid over $80,000 out – and have for the first time, opened up the fund to help any HOBOKEN RESIDENT (of Italian heritage) attend college. Last year, they awarded one student $5,000 towards their first year’s tuition.

However, despite the improved status of the Society, they’re having an increasingly harder time to fund the scholarship. And as a result, they’ve created the new Hoboken Fashion Night – which makes it’s debut next Friday, April 11, 2014 over at the W Hotel.

This fun and “glamorous” fundraiser will not only be a home-grown “grass roots” event, but also help local businesses as they will feature only Hoboken shops (NO chains), as well as other designers grounded here in the Mile Square. In other words, it’s an “All Hoboken” event.

Read more below – and click here to buy tickets.

Hoboken Fashion Night 2014 April 11 2014 W Hotel - Hoboken Fashion Night 2014

What is the Hoboken Fashion Night?

The Hoboken Italian Festival, Boston Scarlette and Dana Marchionne are preparing to bring Italy to Hoboken in an event never seen before in this thriving city! For one night, the City of Hoboken and the W Hotel will be converted into the hot and exciting fashion capital of Milan.

Hoboken Fashion Night is a city wide celebration of Hoboken’s unique fashion and retail community and its wide array of creative genius. The program will consist entirely of Hoboken designers, retailers, artists and models and will show a variety of collections from the newest spring collections including clothing, shoes, handbags and leather goods for both women and men!

A portion of the proceeds and ticket sales from the Hoboken Fashion Show will go to benefit the DePinto Family Scholarship Fund managed and operated by the Depinto Family and the Societa Madonna Dei Martiri, both of Hoboken. This scholarship has awarded over $85,000 to deserving students over the last ten years. This year’s scholarship will benefit any high school student residing in Hoboken of Italian descent attending a four year university.

On April 11th, 2014 come and support everything Hoboken, the way Italians do it best with good food, great wine, close friends and some of the best fashion this side of Milan!


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