Blimpie 50th Anniversary

Blimpie 50th Anniversary in Hoboken

People love numbers and milestones. And “years” are huge! (Do you know anyone that celebrates their 500,000th hour? Hint: it’s more than 50 years)

Anyway – Blimpie is “celebrating” (read: marketing) their 50th Anniversary by giving out $0.50 “regular Blimpie Best” sandwiches to the first 200 customers tomorrow, April 4, 2014.

Come to think of it – I think their cost is about 50 cents for each of those sandwiches. Hmmm. Why not just offer it all day long? Why the “limitations?” Will giving it to 400 or 500 people make them go out of business? Why all this numerology?

A better idea would have been to offer “50% off everything” all day long. They’d still profit, and eliminate confusion and people who miss out on this (not so incredible) anniversary promotion.

Anyway – find out more here and enjoy!

Blimpie 50 anniversary Hoboken NJ

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