New Hoboken Cops


Over a dozen new police patrolman were sworn in, and seven officers were promoted yesterday at Hoboken City Hall. One reader wrote: “Great! New faces for the next Hooter-type scandal over the next few years!”

Here is an email that a Hoboken411 reader was kind enough to send in.

“I was at City Hall yesterday to take a look at the future faces of the Hoboken Police Department. I wonder why they had so many new hires? Despite the city saying they’re under the maximum number of patrolmen of 120(total will be 105 after the new hires) it makes me think that half the force isn’t doing anything or just sitting in their cars somewhere. So they hire these new low-paid patrolmen to do the hard work while the rest basically do nothing.

Hopefully, the new men in blue don’t succumb to the pressure of the HPD, and just do a great job. Congratulations to them anyway!”

Here’s a list of the new hires:



  • Casandra Casella
  • Daniel P. Chirino
  • Madhu R. Cohan
  • Adam C. Colon
  • David DiMartino
  • Frank R. Francolino
  • Ralph F. Gallo
  • Bret A. Globke
  • Wilfredo Gomez
  • Christopher J. Markey
  • Jonathan E. Mecka
  • Andrew J. Perez
  • Francisco Rosa
  • Josue Velez

Promoted to Sergeant:

  • Danilo Cabrera
  • Roy A. Haack
  • Thomas M. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Joseph P. Leonard
  • Donald R. Rosso

Promoted to Lieutenant:

  • Steven V. Drasheff
  • Kenneth F. Ferrante.

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[quote comment=”63871″]Only one woman in all those new hires? No women promoted? How many women are on the force? Or in HFD?[/quote]
I thought the same thing. And I think there are two women in HFD.

Anyone know how one goes about getting hired by the Hoboken police department? I hear those ads on the radio about taking the test for the NYC police department, but I really don’t think the hurdle is the same for our sleepy burg.

man on an island
man on an island
I really think the cops in Hoboken are a bunch of tattooed thuggish uniform clad frat boys who seem to do nothing but hang around in groups with shades on laughing and checking out the girls. I had the nerve to walk across the road about 30 feet down from where one of them was ‘directing’ traffic. I hear ‘yo, YO,’ (presumably his attempt at ‘hey can you come over here’) then the little twerp (about 5’6 but with massive muscles that his shirt was rolled up to reveal) raved largely incoherently into my face (well into my chest) like a baby throwing a fit when you take his pacifier out, whilst the traffic that he had totally forgotten about in his testosterone fueled rage miraculously seemed to be able to sort itself out without any loss of life or multi car pile ups. I had a similar experience with three motorbike cops who were hanging around in a little gang smoking and talking on their cellphones whilst my girlfriend and I were trying to sort out some idiot who had parked in front of the ‘no parking’ zone we had paid the city for whilst we moved her into her apartment. Eventually one of them swaggered across the road in his oaklies and proceeded to be rude to me and patronizing to my girlfriend. i suppose he was annoyed that we put him to all that effort and bothered him with his buddies. I’m sorry of this sounds like… Read more »

These new additions will help keep those yuppies in line.


Frank Francolino is going to be carrying a gun? WOW.


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So you don’t want to be a part of HaRdCoC then? You seem like someone that needs to be touched by HaRdCoC…..

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