Facebook Fraud

Facebook Fraud – Why local businesses should re-think online marketing

Facebook Fraud Stick a fork in Facebook MarketingWith all the hype and the fact that “everyone” seems to be “doing it,” the big “walled garden” called Facebook may very well be more over-rated than you already think quietly in the back of your head.

It’s our belief that there would be no negative economic impact if the entire Hoboken businesses community collectively opted out of the big-bad Facebook at the same time. Imagine? They’d be able to use the time and energy for actually making their operations better – instead of bogus “feel good messages,” and stressing about spreading some meaningless information.

Just think about it. Facebook is so over-reaching and so overwhelming – that it seems that every little update is less than “15 micro-seconds of fame.” How can “likes” and other stupid “engagements” really earn a loyal customer when there are millions just like you out there? You’re all competing for that minuscule slice of an already ADD person’s ultra-short attention span. Does it truly translate into physical dollars? Or just a perceived sense of happiness and “acceptance?”

Mislead that Facebook in necessary for local businesses

Sure there may be “fans” and so-called “experts” at this social media “phenomenon” who will vehemently disagree and say that Facebook is the “end all be all” path to success, but they obviously took the blue pill – and don’t see reality for what it is.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the bigger the “playing field” – the harder it will be for you to stand out (especially with nonsensical “sponsored” posts and other garbage you just don’t want to look at.) We think that an astounding amount of time is utterly wasted trying to chase that big Facebook slice of the pie – when it simply is NOT there. Only in very rare exceptions does it really translate into a windfall. And the downside risk for negative implications outweighs the positive by 100 to 1.

You’re being sold a big fantasy – while Facebook shareholders are making billions. You think they want that to go away?

On the contrary, however, I wonder how many “hard core” Facebook users (say in the top 10% of weekly time spent) let this social media network almost dictate their whole life – from the moment they wake up to the moment the go to sleep. Where to eat (“coupon!”) where to shop (“one day sale!”) and where to hang out (“Meetup tonight!”). It’s already evident there are many people out there who would be left in a stupor if they lost access. Look what happened after Hurricane Sandy just a couple years ago. Helpless.

But even the hard-core Facebook users each only have the same 24 hours per day, and the same dwindling income. So what if they like you and talk about you if they’re not spending thousands per year at your store? I think these hardcore users are pretty much spending all their time spellbound by their unbreakable addiction – not investing money locally. Have you walked the streets of Hoboken lately? I don’t see shoppers walking around with bags in both hands stuffed to the gills with “locally bought” merchandise. Do you?

Something needs to be done soon, I think. But “waking up” the over one billion users might just be impossible.

Getting back to marketing on Facebook – it looks like trying to be “liked” is a complete waste of time – and could very well be criminal if anyone had the balls to look into it.

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Friday, March 28, 2014 3:39 pm

When the herd majority is the consumer, it will be impossible to change. Going against the grain is unpopular and scary to most, even when it is wrong in plain sight. The word Facebook has been repeated so often that users cannot think straight anymore. There is no other to them!

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