Hoboken sidewalks and repairs

Hoboken Sidewalks – Do you need them? What about repairs?

A bunch of people have been asking us about Hoboken sidewalks as of late (now that the snow is all gone). Some are noticing the increase of sidewalks that have been previously ripped up for some reason (subterranean repairs usually), but the sidewalks were not brought back to the original condition.

Broken Hoboken Sidewalks NJ

I quickly searched Hoboken city code to see if there was even a law that required sidewalks on your property to begin with. My suspicion is that it’s probably in the zoning code somewhere, but I stopped looking when I found this ordinance about “injuring” those poor walkways:

“Any person who breaks or otherwise injures any sidewalk in the City shall cause the sidewalk to be repaired within 24 hours thereafter.”

Hoboken Sidewalk Ordinance

Wow. So if you have to remove an oil tank or fix a water pipe in front of your building, you better have your ducks lined up – because that is a ridiculously short time frame to have the situation rectified. What if PSE&G or United Water are the ones who “break” the sidewalk, even though they might have been commissioned by the property owner? Do they count as the “any person?”

Maybe the city should follow their own stupid codes – because they’d be fined INTO BANKRUPTCY for the condition of our roads this winter!

24 hours my ass…

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The Professor
The Professor

Very interesting find in the ordinances. What’s so funny about this is the number of sidewalks torn up all the time for whole-house brownstone renovations that go on for months, even a year. Are these people fined?