Hoboken featured in Ford Commercial

Ford Commercial shot (partially) in Hoboken

Hoboken in ford commercial sign and ride TV - Hoboken featured in Ford CommercialJust because we stopped watching TV years ago – doesn’t mean we can’t mention something “seen on TV!” Hoboken411 reader Jen must not have a DVR – because she actually saw a spot for a car manufacturer. And she was eagle-eyed enough to notice that Hoboken was quite prominently displayed in this Ford Commercial for their “Sign and Ride” promotion.

Just a little forewarning to potential car buyers. “Zero down” technically means they want you to have as much interest-bearing debt over your heads as possible. Be very careful about the draw a “fresh new car” has. And remember that it loses over 20% of its value the minute you drive it out of the parking lot!

Our suggestion? Save up and buy a quality used (5 years or so) higher-end German car (like Audi, BMW, Mercedes). Lower insurance costs, and the thrill of a more powerful ride that is probably in better condition used than a domestic car brand new.

Anyway, the Shipyard, Maxwell Place and Lackawanna Terminal all got some “air time” in this latest piece. Hoboken looked like one of those fake Hollywood sets for some odd reason.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014 1:54 am

Last time I was looking to buy a car I found that 2-3 year old Hondas and toyotas were pretty close in price to new – well within 20%. Maybe you take a 20% hit on a trade in but not so on a reasonably negotiated private sale.

If I was concerned with status signaling I’d get a German badged car. If I wanted reliability I’d look at the other former axis power.

I’d never buy an Audi. Ever. Overpriced Volkswagens.

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