Tip Toe Shoes – For Rent

410 Washington Street for rent (Tip Toe Shoes gone)

No surprise here – about a year after “popping up” at 410 Washington St., Tip Toe Shoes has left the building city. We thought this was just a filler store anyway, so I suspect no tears are flowing in Hoboken.

The revolving doors spinning faster these days it seems (until the chains with long-term leases take over…)

Tip Toe Shoes gone in Hoboken NJ - Tip Toe Shoes - For Rent

Description: Shoe store For Rent
Address: 410 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 973-472-4444

Tip Toe Shoes – “Designer Shoes” – 410 Washington St.

3/19/2014 Update:

Tip Toe Shoes Hoboken NJ NEW - Tip Toe Shoes - For RentShoe stores in general hardly get a rise out of us here. Which is why Tip Toe Shoes which sprung up recently at 410 Washington Street (former home of Koa Koa Frozen Yogurt) didn’t result in a “happy dance.”

This shop appears to be a temporary pop-up store, as the giant “for rent” sign is still in the window. Still, it beats an empty store-front. There are two other Tip Toe Shoes locations in New Jersey – one in Clifton and the other in Wayne. Maybe they’re having trouble out there and wanted to try moving inventory in a more “affluent” community? And judging by their website they might not be from this country: “Where the SHY is the limit for selection and prices you want. You will find your FAVOTRIT brand!”

But this got me thinking. Aren’t all shoes and clothes and pretty much everything “designer?” I mean they don’t make themselves. Someone had to design them! They don’t just grow on trees.

Anyone find any good bargains in this place? Or do they sell knock-offs?

Tip Toe Shoes Hoboken NJ - Tip Toe Shoes - For Rent

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sassy lassie
sassy lassie
Thursday, March 20, 2014 12:52 pm

Funny quote from their website!

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