Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

What’s up with some odd Hoboken business movements?

Have you noticed how “jittery” and “disjointed” some businesses appear in Hoboken?

One particular case in point is the following four businesses: Brower Club and the (former) Air Studios, Platform Shoes and 1FiftyFive Boutique.

They are/were owned by a group of people who called themselves the Fifty Five Group. They’ve occupied three spaces with these four businesses over the past few years (100 Bloomfield, 92 Hudson, and presently 55 First Street with Brower Club only).

Not sure why they cannot remained anchored in both location as well as concept. Three of the four places are gone, and what was supposed to be a “game changing” men’s store in the Brower Club Provisions is a mere skeleton of itself – with like four shirts in the whole building.

They apparently wanted to build some kind of “subscription” based clothing model as the millennials live paycheck to paycheck with the “Brower Box.”

Now they have a coffee shop inside.

Why can’t they settle down and figure out what works rather than confusing the customer base trying to be perfect? I guess that is what they teach in business school these days?

“Throw shit at the wall until something sticks?”

brower club hoboken NJ always changing - Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

Brower Club confusing mens clothing store hoboken NJ - Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

See previous updates below…

Brower Club Provisions now open in Hoboken, NJ

As of April 2014 – Brower Club now open in Hoboken:

Brower Club now open Hoboken NJ - Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

Men’s Clothing store “Brower Club” – 55 First St., Hoboken, NJ

Brower Club coming to 55 First Street in Hoboken NJ - Brower Club Provisions? Or something?Oh boy. The owners of the failed 1FiftyFive ladies clothing store are trying their luck again at the retail spot at 55 First Street. This time with a men’s clothing store called Brower Club Provisions. They also own ladies clothing stores Air Studios and Platform as well.

Scheduled to open next month, the Brower Club will specialized in “essentials” for men, including button-down shirts and blue jeans. They will also serve cups of coffee in their “lounge.” Yikes, that is so edgy I have goose bumps!

Hmmm, the last thing I want to do is loiter when I go shopping. I want to buy what I need and get the hell out of there. Who hangs out in a shop?

Anyway, what will apparently (try to) set Brower Club apart from other stores is their “monthly membership” plan (read: we desperately want repeat business). This membership consists of receiving monthly clothing purchases that are “customized” for YOU by their style “professionals.”

Wow, any REAL man that needs to be told what to wear at this point in their life has much bigger problems to contend with. Reminds me of a friend who could never decide whether to tuck his shirt in or not each time we went out. “Guys, IN or OUT?”

Just remember two things any time you go shopping at an “upscale” clothing store: They probably paid 1/5th of what they’re selling the items for, and it was likely made by a child in Asia for $0.08 per hour. Keep that on your conscience when you’re mingling at Happy Hour showing off your new threads.

Brower Club Provisions mens clothing store Hoboken NJ - Brower Club Provisions? Or something?

Description: Men’s Clothing store with a wacky gimmick.
Address: 55 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07300
Phone: TBD
Online: ??? ??? ???

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014 3:21 pm

Haven’t bought much new since last summer. Current clothing inventory looks adequate to me. If you take care of your clothes new monthly purchases are unnecessary. Unless men are becoming women.

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