FITRxn (Pedal NYC) – Hoboken, NJ – 104 Hudson Street (2nd floor)

FITRxN group fitness Hoboken NJ - FITRxN {PEDAL NYC}Coming soon to 104 Hudson Street in Hoboken is a new “group fitness” facility called FITRxN.

FITRxn is an expansion of an existing fitness studio located across the river called PEDAL NYC, in which “pedal” stands for – get ready – Physical Excellence Delivered Around Life. Does that actually mean anything, or were they just trying to find any words to make the (acronym) actually signify something relevant? Not sure they did such a great job, but to each their own.

PEDAL NYC and FITRxN are examples of the ever-growing trend of group, social, “can’t motivate by myself” type fitness programs. Like CrossFit, Zumba, Boot Camps, and similar programs – they’ve essentially taken the old school “aerobics” classes and mashed them up with some equipment, marketing, peer-pressure and “group-think.”

They expect to open up later this month, and classes run a whopping $30 each (your first class is half-off for “only” $15).

So if you want to “work out” just 3x a week, this place will will set you back over $4,000 per year. Ouch!

On the flip side, you can join Planet Fitness on Washington Street for a mere $120 per year.

Bottom line is that if you need “cult like” surroundings and social media to keep you motivated to enjoy your vanity – well, I suppose you deserve to be that much poorer.


Description: FITRxN Group Fitness Classes that give you that feeling you had a “killer workout, man!” which you’ll “tweet” to your so-called “friends.”
Address: 104 Hudson Street, 2nd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-656-1986
Online: fitrxn.comTwitterFacebook

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Social networking has really changed the whole fitness industry. But I’m not certain for the better. The most obvious thing they motivate you to do is to keep giving them your money in the name of working out your joints to the point of injury.