Special council meeting tonight


To cover the items left off last weeks agenda, the Hoboken city council meets tonight to discuss taxi ordinances. Raising the fare and new medallions. Taxi drivers are a bit upset, saying there are enough cabs already, and during off-peak times they’ll be twiddling their thumbs waiting for fares.

This special meeting is at 6pm, instead of the usual 7pm.

In other news, the grass-roots environmental group “Why don’t you walk, you lazy asses?” disbanded due to lack of support.



  • Introduction of an Ordinance Repealing Chapter 179 “Taxicabs” and replacing it with Chapter 179A “Taxicabs”. (DR-347)
  • Introduction of an Ordinance Repealing Chapter 180 “Limousines and Liveries” and replacing it with Chapter 180A “Limousines and Liveries”. (DR-348)

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When I lived far from the PATH, especially uptown, I hated the fact that it’s virtually impossible to get a cab on the street up there.

They really should have a stand uptown, or at least a place for potential fares to stand. At least then, cabbies can easily see if there is anyone looking for a ride.

If these cabs want a fare hike, they need to start maintaining their cars better. I’ve been in some that smell like gasoline, exhaust fumes, or didn’t have a working seatbelt.

Also it’s not a bad idea top make them post the cab regulations in the back of cabs, just like they do in NYC taxis. At a glance you can tell what your rights are and how to report a problem.


I got into a cab tonight before I told the driver my destination. I told him I was going to Jersey City. He tried to pick up other fares and ok’d a guy to get in going locally. I said I was going to JC and wanted to go solo. He turned around and looked at me confused and said, “What?” I repeated myself and said calmly. I looked at the passenger about to get in and said, “We’re going to Jersey City.” Et voila.

Y’see, it can be done. Get in the cab before you say where you’re going, and if you want the cab to yourself, tell them. I’m not sure about the new laws but I think if they can take multiple fares then he/she has to take you to your destination first if you’re the first fare.

Be assertive. Know your rights.

uptown mike
uptown mike

I disagree with the proposed changes to the taxi ordinance. First of all, most cabs are not well maintained and are probably not safe as a result. Secondly, what guarantees do we have that the cabs will not continue to ILLEGALLY solicit multiple fares? Instead of a concession to the cab owners, we should insist on our current government to enforce the laws already in place, not change the law because it is ignored. This is clearly a case where we need oversight of the way this industry conducts itself in our town. I encourage the city council NOT to amend the existing regulations and to set a mechanism to enforce existing regulations. Perhaps a dispatcher like at the airports and Port Authority Bus Terminal is a good idea. I also think putting cab stands throughout the city would work.


Thanks for posting that. I like the idea of taxi stands in other parts of the city, so long as they don’t take away parking spots.


Video: Terry Labruno on the proposed amendments to the city taxi ordinance.