Stevens School of Pyrotechnics


I don’t know how I catch these things.. but around 15 minutes ago, some fireworks were launched from a parking lot at Stevens Institute of Technology. Clearly visible from Elysian Park.

Many calls to police came in as “gun shots,” but it was actually pranksters that were probably Stevens students. What was cool about this 15-20 second display was A) they were not cheap consumer-type fireworks.. was the real deal and B) I caught one of them on film!

Stevens PD found the spent fireworks near a dumpster in the northern-most parking lot. No one to be found. End of story.

So go back to bed, it’s just the future engineers of America hard at work.


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So I guess this happened around 1:00 am?
[quote]some fireworks were launched from a parking lot at Stevens Institute of Technology.[quote]

This is what happens when engineers date each other. Probably met in class, went out on a first date, sent up a firecracker and begun their count down for the first kiss.

Very technical romance.


That scared the cr@p out of me. In a disoriented state, I thought it was thunder and then realized it was probably fireworks but could not figure out why someone would set them off at that time. Wish I saw ’em.




People thought they were gunshots?! I heard them at 12:44pm, and they were clearly fireworks.