Administrative errors

Two way street? Administrative errors not in public’s favor in Hoboken

Doesn’t it get your goat that “right and wrong” when it comes to living in a place “controlled” by some kind of “governing body” is never mutually fair? It’s not a two-way street at all.

Just like the HPU Hypocrisy that happens daily – they break the law no problem, but you would be fine or jailed if you did the same thing.

Same goes for “clerical” or administrative errors. For instance – if you submit an OPRA request for some kind of “public document,” but if you don’t fill out the form EXACTLY CORRECT – they will DENY your request and send you packing.

However – as you can see from this sign, which is supposed to state which NJ Statute (law) you’re breaking by parking there – they too have made an administrative error – spelling it “NJ STATUE” which doesn’t mean anything. You should be able to park there due to the “invalid” verbiage. Nope. You’ll get ticketed, towed and fined.

Gotta be a solution to this societal madness.

Sign error Hoboken NJ Statue not Statute

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