Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

3/12/2008 Update:

I need an assistant.

Here’s a picture of Smush, who’s chilling on the custom dog bed from M. Avery Designs that the winner chose as second prize.

hoboken smush dog bed mavery designs - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

I still haven’t sent out the first and third prizes yet. Is this where the “please wait 8-12 weeks for delivery” came from? Complete disorganization? I notified the winners that I was sorry, and will be sending them out this week. My bad! Oh, and do I owe anyone prizes from the Halloween contest? I think so.. but can’t find the email. Let me know!

Next contest, I really need assistance!

See winners and all original entries after the jump.


I had four judges with 5 votes each. Believe it or not, NINETEEN different dogs were picked, with only one dog receiving two votes. One of the judges said “all the dogs submitted are cute,make sure the owners know that!”

Congratulations to Faith for winning the contest with one first place vote and one fourth place vote!

hoboken cutest dog contest hoboken411 entry 66 faith winner - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

The rest is complicated because THREE other dogs received one first place vote as well. It’s up to you, the readers to vote for who should come in second. Who should it be? Smush, Lenny or Honey?

Final results for 2nd and 3rd place:
dog contest 2nd and 3rd place hoboken - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

hoboken cutest dog contest hoboken411 entry 50 smush tied - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog
hoboken cutest dog contest hoboken411 entry 60 lenny tied - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog
hoboken cutest dog contest hoboken411 entry 49 honey tied - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

And of course, you can see all 76 entries here!

See original rules, etc., below.

2/3/2008 Update:

The judges have voted, and the results will be published at Halftime of the Super Bowl.

Will we have a clear winner, or will there be a “playoff” to see who wins?


Thanks to all the readers who submitted their photos! No more entries will be accepted. Almost 80 pictures were received in total.

Now the time-consuming process of uploading them somewhere so the judges can review them. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have our winners.

1/27/2008 Reminder:

Last chance to get your dog pictures in! Sunday at 11:59pm is the deadline. 50 entries and counting so far! It’ll be a tough job for the judges to pick their top 5 favorites.

Also, added a second consolation prize! Megan from M. Avery Designs is donating a custom-made Dog Fleece and leash! (2nd place winner can pick from the two consolation prizes first)


Hoboken411 Cutest Dog Contest

You think your dog is the cutest thing ever? Want a chance to win a $50 Cornerstone Pets gift certificate?

If so, send a picture of your dog to by Sunday, January 27th at 11:59pm.

hoboken cutest dog contest - Contest: Cutest Hoboken Dog

Basic rules:

  1. Must be a registered user (register here)
  2. One entry per dog (must include name, breed)
  3. One picture per entry
  4. Photos must be attached to email (no links photo sharing sites, please)
  5. Pictures that can be verified are in Hoboken will have a better chance
  6. Oscar is not allowed to enter (he’d automatically win… hehe)
  7. Entries will be judged by three or more random judges who rate their top 5 favorite pictures. Points will be awarded (10, 7, 4, 2, 1). Entry with highest point total wins.
  8. Entries with fruity dog costumes are indeed allowed
  9. First prize is $50 Cornerstone Pets gift certificate, consolation prize is the book “Throw me a bone” by Cooper Gillespie
  10. Photos become property of, and can be republished at any time
  11. Photos must be of actual canines, and not humans you think “look like a dog”
  12. Have fun!

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I wonder how many of the new posters know Oscar’s story.


I love M Avery Desgins so when I received this e-mail, I thought I would pass it along just in case known of you did….

On Dec 5 at 5pm at M Avery at 266 7th St in Hoboken she will be having a book signing party.

And, no for all of you skeptics, I do not work for the company sadly, I do not have a job right now….


Smush is a cool dog – reminds me of a Great Dane/Doberman I had as a kid, named Night.



I’m Faith’s owner (mom?), and I am truly honored. There are some VERY cute dogs in this town. This and a Giants’ victory…pretty cool week.