Two more dogs in need of homes


Contemplating dog ownership?

Now’s a perfect time! The same reader who reported that Hampton was saved, mentioned these two lovable pooches were in need of homes as well:

Nina and Daisy Mae

Jeff from Cornerstone Pets had walked Nina, and said she was a lovely, lively and happy dog.



And the Hoboken411 said this about Daisy Mae:

“I walked young Daisy Mae, a Rottie mix who is crazy about dogs (she had a nice scamper with Nina) and people (she easily accepted treats from strangers), and loves to take off in a gallop. She’d be perfect for a big guy who loves to take his dog on runs. She’s still growing and is currently a little skinny (for a Rottie), but was eager to sit for me, and already listened VERY well.”



So what do you think? I bet these dogs would love to play with the other fun pups in one of the Hoboken dog runs!

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Daisy Mae looks like a Beauceron – her snout is too long for a Rottie. The Beauceron is a French shepherding dog.

I am pointing out that she might not be a Rottie b/c many people are afraid of Rotties. My parents adopted a Beauceron from a shelter a few years ago (they thought she was a Rottie/lab mix) and she is the BEST DOG ever – But maybe I am biased. She is very, very smart, super loyal and loves to cuddle and play. She is also great with little kids (toddlers specifically). Her personality is smiliar to that of a lab, but she is markedly smarter than most labs. If anyone is looking for a largish (~70 lbs.), super smart, family dog you might want to check out Daisy Mae. If her tail looks like a German Shepherd tail she is most likely a beauceron – check out the link for other distinguishing marks.