Hoboken Twin Peaks

Rockefeller Demo leads to “Hoboken Twin Peaks”

Remember there was once a show called Twin Peaks? I never watched it, but definitely recall it was a very popular, yet short-lived “mystery drama” back in the early 90’s. I’m sure if you watched it nearly 25 years later – that it would seem dated and no longer ahead of it’s time, although there are still many “fans” of the series that say today’s programming still isn’t up to par.

Completely irrelevant that was, other than when I took the photo below of the Rockefeller demolition site (former home of the famous Macy’s Parade Studio), and the first thought that came to my mind was “twin peaks.” There you go. Today’s Hoboken photo of the day and a TV blast from the past all in one.

I’m sure there is much more “drama” to come with the whole Northwest re-development debacle, though…

Hoboken Twin Peaks Rockefeller

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