Wrong Hoboken directions on Route 495

Steering business away? Wrong Hoboken directions on Route 495!

Every time we run errands out of the north end of Hoboken (to say the Secaucus Home Depot) I see this sign on the way home – and forget to snap a photo of it. It’s been bugging me for a long time. Maybe for once they can correct it? They have the wrong Hoboken directions on Route 495!

Wrong Hoboken Directions on Route 495

Back in the day – they were true – since 9/11 not so much

For those of you living around here long enough – you’d remember that the Lincoln Tunnel viaduct actually used to have an EXIT at the very end of the loop (before the tolls).

You’d be able to turn off right onto Park Avenue in Weehawken and make your way either south to Hoboken – or north up to Union City. And you might also recall that – even before the days of EZ-Pass, traffic wasn’t always so severe (although when it WAS bad – it was hours of sitting almost still!)

But maybe it’s time for them to update this sign once and for all. Imagine all the idiots coming to our area hoping to visit the Cake Boss? If they followed the distance measurements on that sign – they’d overshoot the last Hoboken exit – and be FORCED to go into Manahattan.

The sign reads 1.5 miles (which is true for that OLD exit), but the actual distance to the Hoboken exit is just a shade over 0.5 miles.

If they correct this – and Hoboken business goes up as a result – you can PayPal donations (commission) to Hoboken411 very easily!

Wrong distance for Hoboken exit on Route 495

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LMAO. TOTALLY wrong? Me thinks that word belongs in the trendy thread.


Good observation! But it won’t really matter because most of the drivers are looking at something else… wonder what that could be?