Hoboken Energy Audit

Hoboken energy audit at public schools

This has been on the back-burner for quite a long while. Time to dust it off and put it in the completed bin: The Hoboken Energy audit for public schools.

Is the Hoboken Energy Audit worth it for public schools

Are some returns on investment too long to be considered?

A few years back a company called Dome-Tech, Inc. submitted a comprehensive Hoboken Public Schools “Energy Audit.” In it, they describe current energy utilization for lighting, indoor climate control, water heating, etc. for all the public school buildings in Hoboken.

The report is over 80 pages long, and after you get through all the fluff about solar panels, CO2 and wind-generation the bottom line is:

You need to spend over $5 million dollars – and your “return on investment” (i.e., time to realize net savings) is 17 years.

I don’t care how “eco-friendly” this is. It’s a bad investment.

For one, the “golden rule” for ROI’s in the business world is around 7 years. The shorter the better. But any investment that takes 17 years to “possibly” see a simple payback (ignoring the cost of money and the slippery slope our economy is already on, maintenance, repairs, etc.), is a bad business decision.

But the sad thing is – because environmental topics are all the rage these days – politicians fall for them with the hopes the majority of the public doesn’t look the bottom line. Now do you see how certain monies get “redirected” to these newfangled “causes?”

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