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Hoboken Wellness Spa – 450 7th Street

Hoboken Wellness Spa located at the Citadel building at 7th & Adams has gone through what might call some “transformations” over the years. Was once Roop Day Spa at 10th & Bloomfield, and after some ownership re-configurations moved over to their current spot. Then Hurricane Sandy flooded their building. But after dusting themselves off, they stood back on their feet again (with the rare aid of a helpful management company).

Hoboken Wellness Spa 450 7th Street

In an unusual set of circumstances, Hoboken Wellness Spa actually fills a void over in this area of town. With several other spas bidding farewell to Hoboken (including Pleasant Road Spa, amongst others), area residents had a dwindling set of options to choose from.

What differentiates Hoboken Wellness Spa from your typical “factory style” massage parlors (like Massage Envy, etc.), is that they don’t treat you like a commodity (in and out as fast as possible for maximum volume). They handle each client appointment with the tender care you’d expect from a owner-operated spa – often going well beyond your allotted time booked.

Run by a mother-daughter team – Hoboken Wellness Spa also offers services well beyond just “massage.” In fact, they specialize in alternative Ayurvedic treatments originated in India thousands of years ago. Castor oil treatments, shredded cucumber, rose petals, Ghee, Narayan oil and others are provided on top of the standard waxing and standard therapeutic services.

One of their most popular treatments is their “Natural Face Lifts,” which many women in Hoboken use in the battle against the eventual aging of their facial skin.

Hoboken Wellness Spa NJ

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Description: Massage, waxing, and a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments for men and women.
Address: 450 7th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-8989
Email: contact@hobokenwellnesspa.com
Online: hobokenwellnessspa.comTwitterFacebook

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