No alcohol resolution: 20% complete


How are you all doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

If I were a computer, here’s what my progress bar currently looks like…


Back at the beginning of the month, my big resolution of 2008 was to refrain from alcohol consumption for 105 days (till tax day, April 15th).

So far so good! 21 days essentially in the bag, none of my three strikes used up, and temptation is relatively low. People have asked me, “why are you doing this? To lose weight? Save money? why?”

Well, my reasons were a bit different. Mainly, it’s to use my time more productively. Gone are the days of showing up for work useless and hungover, while still collecting a paycheck for doing nothing (one thing I miss about corporate America). Running this site is not easy, and hiccups in production begin to build up, and cause a domino effect. My goal was, what can I accomplish with increased responsibility for my actions?

What has happened during the past three weeks?

  1. I’ve noticed I’m sleeping more than if I had gotten smashed. Why? Is my body repairing? This is frustrating because I’m not gaining as much time as I hoped. However, my actual time is being used more efficiently.
  2. Weight loss. I estimated a minimum of approximately 3600 calories consumed weekly via alcohol (about 24 beers @ 150 calories). Now, this doesn’t guarantee weight loss, it could very well just allow me to maintain weight. But, I’ve lost 5lbs and 1% body fat since the beginning of the year. This may have to do with my $10/day challenge too.
  3. Temptation is limited, but still there. I wouldn’t mind a delicious pint of frothy Guinness.
  4. Money has been saved. I estimated $100/week.

Anyone with a similar resolution? Any tips or tricks you can share?

And how are you rewarding yourself with successful completion of your resolution (regardless of what it is?)

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Why not just moderate your drinking? Will power. Extremes are no good.

Next you’ll be a born again religious zealot preaching about the grip that Satan has on mankind.

Don’t become like George W. Bush.

strand tramp
strand tramp

so now you just bum from people when you’re at a bar, like the rest of hoboken.


I tried to stop social smoking buy not carrying a pack around with me anymore. Now I’ll catch myself having maybe 1-2 a month with a friend.

Now I don’t even feel the urge to join people anymore.

uptown girl

“21 days essentially in the bag…”

Interesting word choice.