Please make it stop: “Trending”

God have mercy for humanity: The word “trending” MUST STOP!

Holy high heavens. “Social media” has created this bastard of a word called “trending.” It’s quite possibly the most annoying word on the planet. As much as some might get annoyed for our use of “quotations,” (if you took the time to think about why we enclose certain words with quotes, you’d understand – but because you can’t – you won’t), the word “trending” is exponentially much worse.

trending lemmings jumping off cliff - Please make it stop: "Trending"

“Trending” isn’t the only garbage word out there…

Before we explore why this horrid word exists in excess in today’s society, let’s take a look at some other horrible “words” (if you can even call them words).

Where do we start? One could be “Selfie,” which is not only a bad, annoying word – the whole act of taking a picture of yourself for social media oozes of self-importance and entitlement, it’s no wonder incidents of pedestrians getting struck by cars is “trending” higher. Haha. Try and watch this video without VOMITING:

A few more words that cause nausea are: “Hashtag” – Have you ever seen some of these so-called “messages” that are transmitted via that sewer called “Twitter?” I’ve seen messages that had ZERO meaning. Something along the lines of “#FF @scumbag @douchenozzle @WhooHoo @meaningless” – yes. Stuff like that. People nowadays treat it as tangible and with some kind of meaning. To normal individuals? It’s foreign. And it should be. How a company like that is worth tens of billions when they haven’t made a damn penny is beyond me. I’ll mention it again – watch Idiocracy if you want to see where we are heading. Pretty much prophetic!

Another is “Twerking.” Holy crap. If our society isn’t one led over the cliff by mass media and phony celebrities, I don’t know what else to say. The fact that anyone actually PAYS for music, media and movies from these puppets on stage is beyond me.

What makes “Trending” so horrible anyway?

OK, I guess if used in CAREFUL moderation, the word “trending” isn’t all that awful (the way I used it above with pedestrian accidents was accurate). But many so-called “media” sites actually use this God-damn phrase multiple times daily. Like I need ANYONE to tell me what is popular?

I, for one, like what I like regardless of what the rest of the sheeple are “digging” these days. I like things for tangible merits: They taste good, have good value, are funny, useful, etc. There is something REAL behind it. Not gossip. Not social media. Not purely popular because others are yammering about it and it made some kind of “Top 10 list.” Only because I MYSELF deemed it merit-worthy. Yes, there are still a few true INDIVIDUALS out there!

blind slaves - Please make it stop: "Trending"

The “trending” problem goes deeper than you think….

Like I said, the word itself, used sparingly and at the right time, isn’t so bad. The REAL issue boils down to WHO is eating it up. It’s the dumbed-down population which is the problem.

Because if everyone thought along the same lines I do – we wouldn’t have this situation. But since 95% of the sheep eats what is spewed out of mainstream media as if it is gospel – we have this situation.

I see it as the majority if America (and other countries) no longer have any true individual identities. After many generations of slow-indoctrination, and the advent of high-speed communication technologies – the bulk of society is at the whim of these “outlets” who essentially program them how to think, tell them what to talk about at the office water-cooler, and “inform” them of what is “important.”

Because (and this is an interesting by-product), if they DON’T know what is going on in “MSM,” then they’re either outcast, or labeled some negative term (nerd, introvert, “out of touch,” “clueless,” etc.)

Anyone that takes the hook, line and sinker for each headline that starts with “Trending” ought to take a strong look within themselves. You are essentially being systematically programmed by the beast. To devour topics that didn’t necessarily interest you per se, but like a “rubber-necking” accident – you took the bait and wasted your time with it.

But hey, you can “have an opinion” about it on Facebook. So, how COOL are you! You’re “in the club!” YEAH!

For the (less than) 5% of you that get what I’m saying? Here’s a suggestion what to say in case you’ve been relatively mum about “trending” social topics: The next time you’re approached by some dimwit about these horribly meaningless worldwide events – just responds as follows: “Yeah, so? I don’t give a bloody damn!”

Note: Any headlines that start with “Trending” actually do serve one purpose. They make it much easier to skip over when skimming stories…

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:33 pm

Good words to block! I would add these: Organic, Follow, Like, Coverage, and any headline that starts with “shocking” or anything similar.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 2:44 am

We’ve always enjoyed your visuals on the site. You do an amazing job finding or creating the appropriate supplementary image for the content. But this graphic you manipulated has to be the best yet. I could not have said or shown it better myself! Perfect for the content.

Carry on!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 5:17 pm

Add ‘green’ and ‘renewable’ (or ‘sustainable’) to the list…

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 12:53 pm

Add ‘Photobomb’ and ‘App’ to this list….

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 11:55 am

Try going through an entire day with hearing the word “awesome” 25 times.

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