Water main break causes Hoboken Gridlock

You think one water main break is bad?

Just imagine that with another 50,000 people and cars!

It is 100% obvious that Hoboken (and surrounding areas) are over-developed.

Marin Boulevard Water Main Break causes big traffic problems in Hoboken NJ

More people = more problems

No matter how juicy the “studies” are, or what kind of planner whips together a “pie in the sky” proposal (traffic analysis, road re-configuration, bike lanes, pedestrian piazzas), the math is simple. You add more people (volume) into the same space (area) you will get MORE density. And when there is a problem (water main break, inclement weather, national emergency), it will reach a crisis situation like it did today. People were pretty much trapped in Hoboken just to go a few blocks. Took over an hour for many drivers for what should have been a 5-minute exit out of town.

At what point do you draw the line? Why is it that NO politician or person of sound mind and body can see the big picture?

The “big picture” is as follows:

  • Hoboken is over-populated. The present infrastructure cannot handle the current load. Period. That means: Roads, sewerage, parking, electrical, city hall, etc.
  • Before any more is squeezed into Hoboken, every single piece of the infrastructure should be re-built from the ground up. Adding new entry/exit points to the city, replacing the old combined outflow sewage system, ensure there is parking for 100,000 cars, and that the grid can handle, say a quarter-million people. “Future-proof” it, so to say. Adding bike lanes will NOT help.
  • If that takes 100 years or more to come up with a solid, common-sense solution, so be it. All development should cease until the city can handle it. Heck, it certainly will be expensive and take a VERY long time – but it will be worth it. All sound plans normally do require patience and careful thought. Not knee-jerked rushed decisions. But in today’s “immediate” and impatient world, no one understands that anymore. No one.

Marin Boulevard Water Main Break affects Hoboken NJ badly

Stop development until you solve the problem {permanently}

I’m sure Real Estate developers hate the sound of that. But the problem in the past has been that the “temporary” government bodies we’ve had were short-sighted, corrupt, ignorant, or a combination of all. And certainly there was no common “conversation” or goal, vision or plan that was passed on to each newly elected group of nincompoops. All you get are band-aided solutions that only add to the problem down the road. “Someone else’s problems.”

Can you imagine if 20 million square feet of real estate gets added to Hoboken along Observer Highway? Like the NJ Transit Proposal? Someone could spill a cup of water and you’d get a traffic jam like today. This is why the conversation also has to be in tune with your neighbors in surrounding cities as well.

But guess what – no visionary will have the balls to do this. Never. And because of special interest groups, investors, political talking heads – even if there was someone willing to take this bull by the horns, they will NOT get very far. So good luck with the future, Hoboken!

NJ Transit Redevelopment Dawn Zimmer Hoboken NJ Traffic Problems

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They will never rebuild the infrastructure. Does not get enough votes and you can’t be the poor victim on CNN.


Your plan makes too much sense. Zimmer has a better idea. Ticket everyone so they can’t afford or don’t want to come here anymore.