Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

It came. It went. Hoboken Leprecon demonstrated what happens when people gather to drink en masse. See all the drunken incidents below! (Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2012 - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

(Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

11:35pm: 4th & Washington. Drunks at it again. Cops dispatched to moderate. ** Why can’t people manage this themselves? **

11:30pm: 1100 Jefferson – Fire alarms… 99% chance it’s BS..

10:00pm: Taxi cab dispute. Holy crap. This shit happens daily in Hoboken. If I was a cab driver and any fare “disputed” the plain and clear fares – I’d be angry too. PEOPLE: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. And the next point is – ESTABLISH A PRE-PAID FARE LAW. This will eliminate these fare disputes. FOREVER.

Hoboken411 Says: We ordered imaginary Chinese food – and this was the imaginary fortune cookie we got:
Hoboken Fortune Cookie No Girl should strive to be double fisted - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

9:00pm: Drunk fracas at Mulligan’s (1st & Bloomfield). Doubt it was city council members debating ordinances…

8:30pm: “Loud House Party” at 12th & Grand. Plus another at 1210 Hudson. Telling you it’s the thin walls! And what are they getting so LOUD about?

8:25pm: You guessed it – drunk that needs medical attention at 77 River Street. Even the EMS is getting cynical about it…

8:00pm: A grey Audi DWI struck two parked vehicles near 9th & Madison. Keep an eye out, people!

7:57pm: HFD responding to fire alarms at 70 Adams Street. Oh boy, hopefully it wasn’t a “flaming keg hit!”

7:55pm: Hoboken Police say “fight inside parking garage at 1st & River Streets…” (80% chance it’s over a girl…)
Update: A black Nissan Maxima was involved in the so-called “altercation.” (99% chance it was a tool-bag).

Hoboken411 Says: Who paves the roads up to Hoboken University Medical Center? They must be worn out halfway to China at this point!

7:05pm: Once again, a passed out drunk lightweight needs medical attention at 22 Hudson Place. Consider DONATING TO HOBOKEN EMS after this shit-show.

7:00pm: Oh joy. Drunks now need STRETCHERS in Hoboken. Limp, passed out buffoon near 3rd & Sinatra.

6:52pm: RARE: Hoboken EMS en route to 216 Washington St. for a LEG INJURY. “We weren’t prepared for normal injuries, your honor!”

6:50pm: Definition of DUMB POOR DRUNK IN HOBOKEN: “Man who gets issued a ticket by Hoboken Police for disorderly public drunkenness, then proceeds to immediately punch his friend in the face afterward, subsequently getting arrested and slapped with more summonses and jail time.” Happened just now outside East LA on Washington Street.

6:45pm: EMS dispatched to 9th & Willow for a drunk disorderly. Yawn.

Hoboken411 Note: Many “coupons” issued for disorderly drunks today. Nowhere near the same as previous parade years. Public urination, too. Isn’t public peeing now considered a sex-crime? Maybe not in NJ – but somewhere, I heard…

Hoboken Leprecon Stewed Cow NJ - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 20146:35pm: Drunk causing problems at Starbucks at Newark & Hudson. “You fucked up my double chai mocha skinny thing, bitch!” (Switch to Folgers, you won’t have this problem…)

5:45pm: “Man down” at 3rd & Bloomfield. Hey, aren’t we short on speed bumps in Hoboken?

5:40pm: Drunk dude (who can’t drive his parked car) “very upset” complaining to police that another parked car is almost touching his. #mixeduppriorities.

4:57pm: Drunk male “sent on his way” after harassing a business near 219 Washington St. $10 says he’ll disturb more businesses before he passes out.

4:47pm: ANOTHER Intoxicated female, at Stevens Institute, “by the tennis courts.” WTF? Girl-power, my ass!

4:45pm: Intoxicated female, Lackawanna Train Terminal “track #3.”

4:45pm: Female that can “barely stand” near Newark & Hudson. Stay classy!

3:45pm: Cops checking out a “roof party” near 6th & Washington. Hopefully no roofies!

3:40pm: Another loud house party – 4th & Jefferson. I’m telling you – it’s NOT the parties! It’s the shoddy construction in these cookie-cutter apartments!

3:30pm: Another loud house party – 9th & Washington.

Hoboken411 Note: So far, it seems as if the turnout is MUCH lower this year. Some bars in town were actually completely empty. No patrons (Three A’s). Will it get busier later? Here’s a shot of Pilsener Haus earlier. Last year there were over 1000 people milling about. This year? Count on one hand. Was it the $2000 tickets that scared business away?

Hoboken NJ Pilsener Haus LepreCon 2014 - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

3:00pm: Another drunk outside Teak. “Welcome to Hoboken!”

2:40pm: Hoboken EMS en route to 2nd & Grand for… wait…. get ready…. drum roll…. yep! “MAN DOWN!” What wussies! Can’t handle their liquor!

2:35pm: “Fight in Progress” behind 10 Church Towers. What are they fighting over? Who has the best government entitlements?

2:30pm: Man calls Hoboken Police from Pier C Park. Says his kid is missing. Get off the phone, “Dad!”
Update: Boy found near Teak. He’s only 9. Alcoholism starts that young?

2:20pm: Alcohol-infused disruption at The Shannon on 1st Street. HPD called in to clear it up.

2:15pm: “Female down” near the post office on River & Newark Streets. A day she’ll (barely) remember… but it’s a great Facebook update! Look at me!!

2:10pm: The drunks are starting to need medical attention more now. One chap on the way to the hospital, and another chick at 7th & Hudson is being checked out by Hoboken EMS. Why can’t we leave them on the street again?

Hoboken411 Note: Hoboken Police indicate that “crowds are still rolling in,” and that “this time last year people were beginning to leave.” Perhaps that means it’ll just be a crazy Saturday night here in town. Time will tell!

1:50pm: Unruly house party reported at 708 Jefferson Street. Girl who called it in said they were “violating management policy.” Ooohh! Someone colored outside of the lines! Oh no!

(Note – all incidents are to be considered “alleged” and were just reported as they were transmitted over the police airwaves.)

1:30pm: So far, the “busy” downtown area is essentially a GHOST TOWN compared to previous years. We’ll see what happens during the course of the day…

leprecon ghost town hoboken nj - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

1:25pm: Loud party at 204 10th St. and rooftop party at 530 Jefferson – both being “visited” by cops.

1:20pm: Police investigating an assault/robbery down near the PATH station.

1:00pm: HPD performing occupancy checks at all Hoboken bars. No closures reported. Yet.

12:20pm: HFD responding to fire alarms at 131 Washington Street. Some idiots lit a BBQ on the roof there a few years ago.

12:00pm: HPD responding to “loud party, lots of people” at 212 Madison St. (What are they “celebrating” again?)

11:55am: Cops questioning a drunk at 3rd & Washington. Who has no ID, and doesn’t know his social security number. (must be homeless)

11:20am: Hoboken police say that “they’re all being good leprechauns so far.” (I’d like to hear what he has to say 8 hours from now…)

11:00am: All bars in Hoboken are now open. This sets the high water mark for “quality of life” for the rest of the day.

10:45am: HPD advised all EMT units that “traffic is extremely heavy, and no one is watching what they’re doing – exercise extreme caution when driving around.” Hmm, it’s like that every day – why is today any different? Haha!

10:40am: So sweet. Some drunk “swiped” the side view mirror off a car near 1st & Washington.

10:00am: Lines already all over town. Here’s a music video for you – will be the theme of the day later.

9:45am: Drunk girl already in need of medical attention – on line – at Wicked Wolf – before they opened. Put that on your resume, girl!

9:20am: Blown transformer near 8th & Hudson, minor power outage and traffic conundrum. PSE&G on scene.

9:00am: Our favorite people (HPU) in a “dispute” with a driver over a tow at 1114 Garden St. HPD needed to rectify.

8:10am: Nothing serious – a “burglar alarm” at 650 Newark Street. Did you know that 99.9% of these are false alarms? It appears they never help catch the burglar “in the act.” Most of those are called “Cold B & E’s.” Perhaps people can save their money and not pay the monthly ADT or Slomin’s bills?

7:40am: Possible drunk female banging on doors at 2 12th Street. Ah, the joys of communal living…

Hoboken Leprecon 2014 Crime and Fire Action Blotter

Here we go again, Hoboken Leprecon hopes to dominate the day tomorrow!

Hoboken Nj Police Fire Action LepreCon St Patricks 2012 - Hoboken Police Blotter: Leprecon 2014

Hoboken prepares for Lepre-Con – Police ready

Just like all the other “green drinking days” of years past – Hoboken411 will try to keep readers informed with a regularly updated incident report log throughout the day tomorrow for Leprecon.

A couple items of note:

  1. The “zero tolerance” policy is in full effect – and those caught acting unnecessarily stupid or inappropriate will get slapped with $2,000 summonses.
  2. And a positive sign – many local liquor stores have reported markedly LOWER “keg” sales. Like in the neighborhood of 95% less than previous years. Is that a sign that this marketing ploy by local bars is doomed because there is NO REAL TRADITION behind it (i.e., parade?)

Bookmark this thread and check back often tomorrow to see how the day progresses!

You can follow Hoboken411 on Twitter to get updates that might not make this section tomorrow as well.

Good luck with whatever you do (and be sure to hydrate if you plan on drinking!)


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Sunday, March 2, 2014 2:10 am

Jumper in the river.

Saturday, March 1, 2014 10:21 pm

Black towncar stopped on 11th and washington.

Saturday, March 1, 2014 10:20 pm

Black town car possible DUI. Going down washington police are working on getting to him.

Saturday, March 1, 2014 10:14 pm

Taxi with the dispute was actually damaged. The door handle was damaged. Person fled after breaking the door. Taxi driver IDed the person who fled into the bar.

Saturday, March 1, 2014 10:04 pm

5th and Madison, people stealing cab rides.

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