Hazardous to cars: Hoboken parking garages

Great. Now Hoboken parking garages are hazardous to cars!

Boy oh boy. If it’s not the deteriorating roads in Hoboken, ridiculous parking ticket robbery or slipshod plowing – even Hoboken parking garages aren’t safe for cars! Read on to see what Rita had experienced this week in the Midtown Garage near HUMC.

Hoboken parking garages permanently damage cars

Limestone leakage permanently mars cars in Hoboken

“Have you heard about the debacle happening at the Midtown Parking Garage (near HUMC)? I have a resident monthly parking permit that I pay $185/month for because my car got scratched and keyed parking on the street (and I don’t want to deal with unnecessary tickets).

I picked my car up this morning after a full week of being parked in the garage. I was grossed out to see that the ceiling of the garage had leaked a gross white film all over my passenger’s side. Annoyed, I went to the car wash and was then really pissed when the attendant pulled my car out and the white film was still there.

The owner of the car wash came over to me and knew what it was right away. He told me he’s been seeing so much of this from people parking in the municipal garages. It’s apparently water contaminated with limestone and is a nightmare to get off – if they can even get it off at all. It’s going to be $125 to even attempt to remove it.

Worst part is that when I went to the garage manager to complain, the woman wasn’t surprised at all and told me to fill out a complaint form… Like it was routine!! She asked me if I had parked on a corner within the garage (which I hadn’t). As I drove back through the garage, I noticed all of these Parking Utility “No Parking” signs on corners where you can see the same leaking issue exists.

I’m going to guess that there are lots of other people experiencing the same thing in this garage, and none of us are going to get reimbursed. Be careful where you park – even when you pay $185 a month to park there, your car can still get screwed!”

Hoboken Parking Garage midtown hazardous to cars

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Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder

I’m glad that there is a solution to this (white vinegar) because it’s just not right for this to be happening to people. Everywhere you turn in this town you get ripped off by the City, or have to suffer damage to property.


I park in the same garage and have had the same thing happen to me. Certain spots are under leaky parts of the ceiling, just look up and you’ll see where they are. Most are on the 5th floor. I also had the car wash guy quote me the absurd $125 to remove it also. It’s a rip-off and the stains are not permanent. Just rub the spots with a solution of white vinegar diluted with a little water. It comes right off. It’s basic high school chemistry.