Zach Macko and Far North


You have till about 1:15pm to get your free CD, or you can check them out at Texas Arizona tonight (their sets start at about 10:30pm)

Zach Macko and Far North support Hoboken Bars by giving out free CD’s

I don’t know if you have seen these guys on Saturday mornings handing out free CD’s, but more and more people are taking notice. Warm or cold these Hoboken residents are outside Starbucks (by the PATH) from 11 am to 1 pm promoting both their band and the local music scene.


“We played in New York for years and it’s an overcrowded market with bars that don’t really care about musicians or music in general. As Hoboken residents we saw an opportunity to not only play better venues but to support the local business owners who actually care about music.”

By giving out free CD’s their plan is to both introducing people to their tunes and get them to the bars that support original live music. “We know the people in Hoboken want to hear good music so we want to bring good music to Hoboken.”

Here are a few tracks for you to sample:

For more information on Zach Macko and Far North and to support the Hoboken music scene visit or stop by on a Saturday morning, the guys love to talk about their music and their plan.

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Went to see them Saturday night and enjoyed! They kind of remind me of Jack Johnson.


got the CD on my way to the gym. went to check them out on Sat night and it was great!