Hoboken LepreCon 2014

Hoboken LepreCon 2014 – March 1st

Oh boy, here we go again. On Saturday, March 1st – what amounts to just a “bar crawl” organized by a few local pubs & restaurants takes place: Hoboken LepreCon. That is basically all you need to know about this event.

Many bar owners are “pumped” about it, because in year’s past, the annual St. Patrick’s Parade was always a massive money maker for them. Pretty much their “Black Friday.”

However, since the Dawn Zimmer administration nixed the parade – they’ve tried to make one of their own. The drunken antics (as well as bar revenue) has paled in comparison to when we had the actual (traditional) parade. Oh well. You gotta try something.

But I saw this ridiculous sign down by Texas Arizona downtown. “Celebrate Hoboken Leprechaun!”

WTF is that? A bar crawl to celebrate a midget?

Hoboken LepreCon 2014 Leprechaun NJ sign Texas Arizona brilliant - Hoboken LepreCon 2014

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