Mixed up priorities with Hoboken snow?

Looks obvious – mixed up priorities with Hoboken snow cleanup

Mixed Up Priorities with Hoboken SnowMost of the residents are up in arms with the city the past few weeks (more than normal). And judging by the photos below – it’s clear that we have mixed up priorities with Hoboken snow removal.

Here is a guy who’s using a snow-blower to clear the little league field at Sinatra Park.

In the middle of winter. When the rest of Hoboken is a giant mess.

And is running this plow on the BRAND NEW (albeit shoddy) field the best idea?

Who knows, perhaps they wanted to combine snow removal and (artificial) “grass cutting” in one shot?

Regardless, it’s certain that the time would have been better spent on something more pressing. Like the sewers?

The hits don’t stop here in Hoboken!

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Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder

Oh God, this is hilarious. And what a waste of fuel!