Hoboken Snow Garbage!

Do you notice the Hoboken Snow Garbage?

If you walk around Hoboken – you cannot help but notice all the mounds of snow taking up precious parking spaces and the awful “Hoboken Snow Garbage” strewn around our streets.

There’s a good chance you’ll either get ticketed for parking, or towed because the city could not properly remove the snow.

Hoboken snow garbage sidewalks February 2014 - Hoboken Snow Garbage!

It used to be done better in Hoboken – now, not so much

Previous administrations may have had their flaws – but they did some things well (like snow removal), and the current crew of knuckleheads at City Hall should have had some clues as to what WORKED WELL. But now, these glory hogs “want their name on everything” – even if it means changing things that were positive. This mess is owned by this Mayor, good job!

Secondly, the garbage is heaped on top of, inside of and around the huge snow piles making for a horrific mess along Washington St. Bikes are entangled, swallowed by the ice and snow, what a lovely picture Hoboken has become. You ever see photos like this on election fliers? Nope! Some “reform” this is. No clue how to manage the most basic city tasks.

Do you recall after that Blizzard FAIL – a councilman saying, “There must be a manual to guide us through these snow storms?” Well, no manual exists – only common sense, grab a shovel!

Did you know that the city laid off 18 city workers in the city garage, who knew exactly what to do and work the equipment or you do not give the salt to other cities? For what reason we still have not gotten an answer to that one… I guess crony pay raises?

So here we sit making our way through snow, ice, slush, ticketed, towed, wading through garbage, while the mayor is wallowing in her 1.5 million dollar mansion far north from here…

Good luck for the next big storm (maybe as soon as mid-next week!)

Clear Sewer sign in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Snow Garbage!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014 7:01 pm

Yep, Zimmer gives a substantial raise to directors and her boy “aid” and 30% to the City attorney and manages to get her attorneys to pay for a $500/hr lawyer to defend her in her “delayed” accusations and continues to litigate endlessly and needlessly costing the City multimillions. She leaves the City open to significant liabilities for crosswalk while she tries to pass the responsibility onto home owners.

And yes all this while laying off essential Public Works employees. I guess she figured that lawyers, technologies and blowing sunshine up our asses would substitute for the unseen daily toil the public works employees have provided the City over the years.

Zimmer should not come back!

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