VDAY – Kissing Infographic

Kissing is great with or without Valentine’s Day!

Okay, you don’t have to be a fan of Valentine’s Day to be “romantic.” And to give some love to the better parts of a sweet relationship are our friends Kristine and Shelly of Simply Bridal. They’ve prepared a cool infographic to learn some fun tidbits about “Kissing!”

Infographic: Kissing

Valentines Day Kissing Simply Bridal - VDAY - Kissing InfographicValentine’s Day is celebrated around the world to honor the love you have for that special someone in your life. People all over the globe are hatching romantic plans, thinking of different ways to make this special day full of love and romance. Whether you choose to mark the occasion with dinner at a swanky restaurant sipping on expensive champagne or ordering pizza and snuggling by the fire, don’t forget to complete the evening with an unforgettable Valentine’s Day kiss.

Make sure you’re well-informed on all things smooching-related by checking out SimplyBridal’s infographic all about kissing. You’ll learn about the breakdown of different type of kisses (our personal favorite is the eskimo!), kissing do’s and don’ts and take a look at different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world.

So come on Hoboken, don’t let this frosty & snowy weather stop you from celebrating the most romantic day of the year! Get out there and show the person you love how much they mean to you. Happy Hearts Day, everyone!

Vday The KISS Simply Bridal Infographic Part 1 - VDAY - Kissing Infographic

Vday The KISS Simply Bridal Infographic Part 2 - VDAY - Kissing Infographic

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