Favorite Hoboken Mozzarella (and beyond)?


best-mozzarella-cheese-hoboken.jpgA while ago, a reader suggested re-visiting this much debated topic about “who has the best Mozzarella cheese in Hoboken?”

I forgot about it, then as I was truly enjoying a pack of Trader Joe’s “Mozzarella Medallions”, and thinking to myself “gosh, this may be better than any cheese in Hoboken!” I remembered!

So let’s hear it, what is your favorite, and why? Who’s first, second, third, worst, etc?

Forgive me if I’ve left anything out of the poll.. feel free to add your own answers.

If possible, try and abstain from the whole “how do you say it” dialect and accent crap. Just want to know what you like best, and why! Out of area (nearby) places are more than welcome to be included (put location in parenthesis)


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one of my favorites is Tony’s on 2nd and Adams. i am craving some now… so bad.. damn you!

i wish i didn’t have to watch what I eat because the perfect assignment for me would be to have a taste off from all these places.


Luca Brasi’s has been my favorite lately (Fiore’s has the best, best *smoked* mutz I’ve ever had, though.)


Speaking as an Italian from Rome, I’d say Lisa’s and Piccinini are the best by far. Good mozzarella should be creamy and melt in your mouth – Fiore’s is consistently too rubbery (over kneeded) and too briny. Fine for a big American sandwich where you’ve got 10 other ingredients and flavours competing for attention, but not fine for antipasti, insalata caprese, or a panino con mortadella e mozzarella, where you only have one other ingredient. Biancamano’s is pretty good too.


Piccininni Salumaria, a little gem. yummy!


I’ve had all three. Biancamano’s is the best.