Hoboken Urban Golf


Have you ever heard of Urban Golf?

A Hoboken411 reader suggested this idea, and gosh it’s a terrific one!

What is Urban Golf?

Basically, Urban Golf is a mashup of real golf, urban landmarks (poles, street signs, sewer covers, etc.), and a whole lot of fun!

“A game played on a large outdoor course located in a non-residential section of a city, with a series of targets spaced far apart, the object being to propel a tennis ball with the use of various clubs toward each target with as few strokes as possible.”


golf-hoboken-urban-golf.jpgHere are some suggested “Golden” rules:


Respect your neighbors’ privacy and property. Pick your course away from populated areas. If the police ask you to leave a certain area, do so. Avoid altercations and do not give Urban Golf a bad reputation.

Vandalism, destruction of property and general rude behavior are for punk-ass kids and do not belong in this sport.



The worse you play, the more fun you have. And that’s what this game is about. Having fun, not winning. Leave your competitiveness on the PGA tour. Boasting and other petty bullshit does not belong on the urban course.

If you can’t check yourself, put on your plaid pants, hop in your SUV and take it to Pebble Beach.


There is no one person in charge. You are not the leader of the group. Get over yourself. All decisions and adjustments to the game should be agreed upon by the golfers present.

If you have a god complex, move to the mountains, start a cult, and stay the hell out of the way.

Let’s play in Hoboken!

I hope I’m not the only one who’d be interested in a fun game of Hoboken Urban Golf! It’s free, right in our neighborhood, and not filled with the pretentious snobbery usually associated with “real” golf.

Now’s the time to start organizing a perfect 9-hole course in the NW section of Hoboken. To illustrate what the course might look like, I made a map mock up to get us started. It’d be great to play 9 fun holes, then have some cold beers at a place like Carpe Diem. Time is running out before the whole city is developed wall-to-wall.

If anyone’s interested, please let me know. We can survey the area, and start plotting the holes. I have a perfect set of clubs we can use. Who’s game?


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Not sure who to contact in Hoboken…. but this is happening other places around the world…. World Urban Golf Day 2008 September 20 (some locations the 21st) How it came to be� It started off as a conversation between three cities that perhaps none believed would in the end encompass so many and has now turned into an event that over 20 countries will be involved in. Who would have thought that a bunch of urban golfers could organize such an event; we did. At first, the cities of Caldas da Rainha Portugal, Paris France and Portland (Ore) in the United States where involved. While looking into the huge amount of people that play the sport throughout the world, it became clear that we needed to involve as many urban golfers/clubs as possible. We began to converse with urban golf groups from around the world by contacting them through the web and MySpace, and from there it took off. Type �urban golf� into any search engine and over 200 links/pages come up of groups or clubs, past tournaments and video and pictures, all revolving around the sport. This year we are not sure how many cities will be participating in their version of Urban Golf. What is Urban Golf you ask, imagine regular ole� golf with a twist and a tennis ball. We play on the streets of cosmopolitan areas, in neighborhoods, on college campuses, in parks and in industrial wastelands. Holes can be any inanimate object and the length… Read more »

Not only do I think this is a great idea, I know it is. I used to play back in Oregon with my friends. Betting for drinks at each hole.

In regards to the playing in an area without a lot of traffic, I learned that one the hard way. If you want to hear the story hit me up and we can play sometime. My favorite urban golf partner will be here in a couple weeks and I know she’s looking forward to playing… 😉

I usually play with a 3-iron and an old tennis ball.


Here’s a idea lay out a different course everytime and do it fast,strokes given for slowpokes


I would advise using something other than golf balls – tennis balls like 411 suggested. Otherwise this is just irresponsible and dangerous to both humans and property. There are a lot of people living back there now – and golf balls can go pretty far.

I’ll man the mid-game refreshment center next to hole #4.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

Mother Fuckers need to get jobs!!! Jesus Christ, I am jelous of you all!!!!! 😥