Crepes & Things – Doomed

Crepes & Things – Nothing at all now in Hoboken, NJ

Another one face-plants in Hoboken. This time Crepes & Things at 123 Washington Street. I guess the Crepe Guru won the “Crepe War” in town.

Crepes Things Hoboken NJ doomed - Crepes & Things - Doomed

Crepes & Things – Hoboken, NJ – 123 Washington Street


Crepes Things Hoboken NJ - Crepes & Things - DoomedSoon taking the place of the doomed Jenny’s Cleaners over at 123 Washington Street is “Crepes & Things.”

I’ll tell you this much – it’s hard to say whether crepes are (or will be) a slam-dunk in Hoboken.

Because the former Crepe Grill over at 5th & Sinatra had a pretty good spot and operation – but failed due to the city of Hoboken mucking it up. Would they have survived without city meddling? Who knows.

Now – I know that the former owners of Crepe Grill loved what they were doing, and had all intentions to open up again somewhere in Hoboken. But this is NOT their new location. It’s apparently a NEW set of “crep-entrepreneurs.”

Kind of makes me think there is a MOLE in the Hoboken Planning or Zoning Boards. They give “heads up” to a new business (for a “under the table fee”) and allow them to open up months in advance. Perhaps some Federal Investigators should check out why 6 hummus places and 5 frozen yogurt places open up in the same square 2 blocks. Hmmm. I’ll have to pick my brain on this one… Maybe some resignations are in order – especially if “hidden recordings” are involved?

Crepes Things Hoboken NJ 123 Washington Street - Crepes & Things - Doomed

Does the “Crepe Lifestyle” meld with Hoboken? Or America?

One parting thought. Off the top of my head, aren’t crepes synonymous with a laid back lifestyle, sort of like the French Riviera? A slower, better time – when you could enjoy good food, slow (non-judgmental) rambling conversations, and a more relaxed atmosphere? Where can you get that today? Everyone is in a rush – wanting the latest status update and fast paced “fill my life up with as much meaningless crap as QUICKLY as possible please” mentality?

Perhaps they can show a new way of life for most Hobokenites. Then again, if they only turn over two tables a night, they’ll end up in the doomed category lickity-split as well. Wah wahh.

Description: Exactly. Crepes & Things.
Address: 123 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)656-0100
Online: TBD

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Saturday, December 12, 2015 11:39 am

What’s wrong with that spot, there must have been a dozen thing there in the last 5 years.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 9:17 am

Crepes & Things. just wow!!! what a novel idea!!! …… for a 1993 food court concept!!

Hey is that the same MOLE that whispers the brilliant restaurant entrepreneurs to open the 5th cuban restaurant? Pssst hey buddy, come and open the 7th falafel place you will kill it!!

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