Hoboken dissed in Cloverfield review


Cloverfield: “Wait till DVD rental” was automatically my first feeling after seeing preview (why are previews always better than the movie?)

Anyway, this week, Time Magazine sorta took a jab at Hoboken, when they wondered where this mythical creature came from…

“Instantly you have a million questions. By which I mean: three. 1) Where did the creature come from? (The Hudson River? Or the Arctic, thawed out by climate change and sent south on tidal currents? Possibly Hoboken?) 2) What event roused it from a snooze that may date back to the dinosaur era? (Godzilla’s rampage across Japan, you’ll recall, was the spawn of atomic bombs dropped there.) 3) What, exactly, the heck is it?”

I don’t think the people in Hoboken are monsters.. unless they were referring to city hall? Hmmm….

hoboken cloverfield - Hoboken dissed in Cloverfield review

Read whole review here.

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danzig, link?


The NY Times, having Hoboken’s back, rips this stupid movie and new a-hole in Friday’s edition. Take that Hollywood!


YES! we are the red headed step child of NYC.


This is stupid.

By this logic they are going to make the new Sesame Street episodes “adults-only” because Elmo goes on the Internet by himself. Which he does. Every morning at 7:45.

As a kid I watched every hour of every Warner Brothers and Tom & Jerry cartoon. With all the violence. Twice. I’m fine.

So did my brother. He’s not fine. But it wasn’t the cartoons.

People. It’s not the evil influence of jazz. It’s not the corrupting effects of videogames. It’s not TV. It’s not hip-hop.

Stop trying to warn me. I’m 34. I can make perfectly educated decisions about what I and my daughter are ready for.


[quote comment=”62760″]Agree, emarche. I heard that they released the first season of sesame street on dvd with a warning label that it was for adults only. Apparently the teasing of big bird, oscar’s grouchiness and cookie monster’s bad eating habits are too much for the pussies being raised in America today.[/quote]

I couldn’t believe that was true, but it is!