$10 a day challenge – 11-17 of 31


hoboken-toddler-food.jpgI feel obligated to at least check in, and report that I’m still under budget monthly (although a few individual days went over budget.)

Past week highlights:

  • If you know you’re attending a party that always has good food, eat light before hand. Big savings!
  • Every dinner invite this month will be accepted.
  • Tokugawa Sushi is delicious, but uses trickery to get extra money from you.
  • I ate TODDLER FOOD without even realizing it.
  • I’m now temporarily bored with pizza (!)
  • Eating out, no matter where or when is always more expensive than supermarket or home-prepared foods. Duh.

See the what the budget is up to now after the jump.

($10 a day challenge continued…)

Total this period: $60.35
Total this month: $114.26 (avg per day $6.72)
Budget remaining: $195.74

1/11: Ate cheap. One Hoboken411 personal pizza and a box of delicious Trader Joe’s Chicken Empanaditas (in two sittings). These things are awesome! Serve them at your Super Bowl Party, and people will rave about them!!


1/12: Attended the “Party of the Year” friends of mine were throwing. Even Peter Cammarano was there, who claimed he didn’t read 411, despite the daily traffic coming from his law office. Anyway, I pigged out on delicious appetizers and finger food. Almost to the point of regurgitation. Bad, very bad choice. Still no booze, though!

1/13: One blimpie chicken sandwich, some Kozy Shack rice pudding for lunch, and 2 slices of tainted Molfetta pizza during the Giant victory (provided by guest.) Even day old pizza is semi-ok. This must have been carted over in some musty shipping container from overseas. Not sure if it was toxic or not, but I’ve never had a taste like that in my life. Foreign.

Blimpie Hoboken

1/14: A friend served chicken fajitas at a small dinner gathering. Scrumptious! But before that, I inadvertently bought this cannister of Gerber “Graduates” finger food. The packaging was compelling, and I bought without research. Strawberry Apple. Kinda tastes like fruity cereal at first, then immediately loses taste after the first bite. I think this is just plain ‘ole corn stars with some flavor sprayed on. My dog likes them, though.

1/15: Ate at the new Sasso’s. The cost for a basic chicken sandwich on round roll, plus a “meat loaf ball” was exactly 10 bucks. The prices definitely went up since Sam and Rose left. I did, however, get a free mini-danish and a cup of day-old burnt coffee. Hit the spot.

1/16: After arguing with the people at Tokugawa Sushi for 5 minutes, I gave in and paid the $18.90 bill. Budget busting! According to the sign outside, they had a $5.95 special of “Chili Chicken”.. I ordered that, with some basic cucumber/avocado rolls. They charged me dinner price, despite the fact that I pointed outside when I ordered the “chef special chili chicken”… They said it was lunch only. I told them to take the sign down if that’s not what they’re serving. The silver lining is I got the bigger dinner portion which was essentially twice the size. And that Chili Chicken is da bomb!!

1/17: I think it was the rain. I pigged out on TJ’s and possibly ate one more meal than I expected. I estimate $15.00 w/ the coffee. Bad.

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Friday, January 18, 2008 2:14 pm

I’ll buy you a few bottles of it then

Friday, January 18, 2008 9:09 am

Those gerber Graduates are like crack to kids though. They definitely stop my friend’s kid from crying.

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