Clean the snow off your cars!

PSA: Don’t be a lazy jerk – clean the snow off your cars!

Wow – it’s definitely gotten WORSE over the past few years. For the growing self-absorbed population of dumb-asses, I insist that you clean the snow off your cars before you drive at high speeds!

Clean the snow off your cars in Hoboken NJ - Clean the snow off your cars!

How dumb can people get not comprehend the impacts of not cleaning snow?

What has happened to society? So weak and lazy they cannot exert physical energy anymore? The only way they’ll move is if it’s a “group” class with social networking “rewards” (crossfit, kickboxing, spin).

This is proof that if there is no “app for that” it just doesn’t happen for the majority of the increasingly mind-f***ed population. And yes – there are “apps” for eating and having sex, so don’t go there.

After almost getting my windshield shattered by a moronic idiot on my way to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall (to come home with nothing but a figurative bottle of frustration because of the toolbags that frequent that cesspool of a retail center), I roamed the highways of NJ looking for some prime examples. The timing was always bad – and I ended up resorting to searching videos online for some good examples. They didn’t really have any except this – one of the many a-hole drivers who have no clue what’s on their car they’re dragging that fat asses to the next destination.

There is a “law” that makes driving with snow on car illegal

Lastly – I really don’t give a crap that there are “laws” that will reward various state or local government agencies for your stupidity for not cleaning the snow off your cars. That does NOTHING to solve the problem. People are ignorant of most laws. Screw that.

If there was ONE law that I might be in favor of – is a law that KEEPS the government OUT of this equation other than to make it LEGAL for an ordinary citizen to smash the car of the driver that does not exercise common decency and have respect for others on the highways. We really should be able to handle this ourselves without “big brother” getting involved.

Heck, parents can slap a kid silly if they do something blatantly stupid – why we don’t take matters (responsibly) in our own hands is beyond me.

Our society has become a passive group of sissies. Perhaps if more of us scared the bejesus out of a-holes that can possibly inflict harm on others with their deep-rooted stupidity, we can get our country back on track. But I’ll bet you this much – it will get WAY worse before it gets better. Have you seen the rapidly growing group of “effeminate” men out there lately? Doomed, I tell ya.

Have a nice day!

Dumbed down society needs middle finger app - Clean the snow off your cars!

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Under Florida self-defense law, it’s OK to shoot someone if ice/snow flies off their car an hits your car. Luckily they don’t get too much ice and snow.


In order to teach people more respect, we should be allowed to punch them in the face. Especially the sissies. That’s how it used to work and the world was a better place.